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“You didn’t fail on your own.”

Folks have been commenting on Obama’s latest idiocy for two weeks now.  And yet no one—not Mark Steyn, not Malkin nor Krauthammer nor anyone—has recognized a fundamental point.  By implicitly…sorry, by pretty darn explicitly taking credit for the success of … Continue reading

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Join me in this hour of mourning.

I plopped down last evening after a tiring day and turned on the ol’ 65” T.V….which didn’t start.  And it’s only a few years old.  Maybe, maybe the lamp merely needs reseating.  Otherwise…waaah! And even if it can be repaired … Continue reading

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I got nuthin’ but pain!

Can’t get any posts done because I can barely bring myself to follow the “news”.  What I do see doesn’t merit thought, much less comment.  Obama’s worshippers grow ever fouler and stupider, apparently Scalia thinks the 2nd Amendment is in … Continue reading

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Isn’t Chick-Fil-A totally pro-gay?

I don’t get all this controversy.  C-F-A is a chicken franchise, presumably of both sexes.  Meaning it puts c**k in men’s mouths every day of the week. Well, except Sundays.

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Dang, we’re both severely understaffed and doing Proton Beam Window work today. What’s a PBW?  Here’s a little info.  We’ll be exchanging the old one (which is smokin’ hot) with a new one.  Fortunately we’re not at that stage yet. … Continue reading

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I didn’t know Gary Trudeau is this racist.

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I bought a dead-tree data aggregator.  The Knoxville News Sentinel.  The problem with newspapers is that you can accidently see something awful without even clicking!  Something like this:                      Behold!  The Left’s heavyweight of … Continue reading

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Training addled, sorry.

Yesterday was one of my thrice annual all-day training days.  Then went home and coach-potatoed.  Hope to get a “tribute to Trudeau” up later today, though.

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