Tax to destruction.

This is another good article on the SCOTUS decision.

Test to destruction” is a perfectly valid and extremely useful design tool.  It’s funny, though.  Once engineers know what will destroy their product, they don’t procede to destroy each and every thing they make.

Unlike statists.  Greece is going bankrupt for the same reason that Spain is going bankrupt for the same reason that Illinois is and for the same reason that Stockton CA just did.

And now Congress can tax us for something we’re NOT doing.  Wheeee!

I”m too lazy to look it up, but isn’t Congress given the power to tax solely for the purpose of raising revenue?  Not that anyone cares, of course.  Most taxes these days are for social engineering, ObamaCareTax is merely the biggest.

It’s an idiotic and incoherent philosophy, of course.  If the purpose of “sin” taxes is to reduce alcohol and tobacco, what’s the purpose of raising taxes on income, savings, capital gains, etc?  And if government uses that wealth to subsidize education, to get more of it…why does it also subsidize poverty?

So yes, Scalia and Thomas were right and Roberts was wrong.  Thomas is almost always right, but he does sometimes disagree with my analysis.  Why, for all I know he believes that mandatory federal “social” programs are even constitutional, when clearly they have never been Amended into legality.

Oh well.  Currently it looks like Romney will win the Presidency.  Even if he does as he says and immediately topples ObamaCare, this SCOTUS decision remains.  Let’s see what “progressives” can do with it…

…non-voters must pay a tax (though of course voters won’t need a photo I.D.)

…sedentary Americans will finally have that “fat tax”.

…on second thought, base that tax on the Body Mass Index.

How about “conservative” or Republican uses of the non-activity tax?  Any ideas?

Not doing charity?  Not wearing STD protection?  Ooh, ooh, an unemployment TAX!  Instead of paying people for not having a job, government fines taxes them for being layabouts.  It’s not their fault they don’t have a job, but it’s someone else’s “fault” for not having health insurance?

“The power to tax is the power to destroy.”  And now we can destroy unemployment, sloth, and even penury!  Whoopee!

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7 Responses to Tax to destruction.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’m watching the Oi anti-restart protest on ustream and these dancing hippies make me look like a Nobel Prize winner for nuclear physics.

    • Edohiguma says:

      Now I hear talk about restart in 14 hours. Ok, I’m not going to wait that long. What I can say is, they really blocked the road there. If something, anything would go wrong, not even a police motorbike could get through, let alone an ambulance or a firetruck.

      These people are ridiculous.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Heard some people got antsy over some 0.13 uSv measured somewhere in Tokyo. I headdesked. Literally.

  3. Edohiguma says:

    Ōi reactor #3 is back online. Finally. Science and technology triumph over irrational fear mongering and hysterical scare tactics. The reactor will start generating power on Wednesday and operate at full capacity 4 days later. Nuclear goodness!

  4. SeanB says:

    Take the names and addresses of the protesters and go to their houses and cut off the power, water, telephone and cable, so that they are contributing fully to saving power, and are not using that naughty nuclear generated power by accident. Block up the sewer as well, you can never be sure that some nuclear power will come in from a sewer……

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