Almost perfect, IMAO.

Frank J. has combined hilarity and truth once again.  He only made one teeny mistake.

Instead of the text of the Constitution, they study “case law” and “precedent,” though a more accurate term for this stuff would be “constitutional fan fiction.”

They’re not making “constitutional fan fiction”, because they’re not fans of the document.  Call the effin’ lies what they really are:  “Constitutional slash fiction”.

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2 Responses to Almost perfect, IMAO.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Well, this is old. Remember the occupy nonsense and how they all screamed that this was their first amendment right? Back then I argued that it actually wasn’t. And everyone who didn’t believe it I had the first amendment ready to copy & paste in the face. Cause when you actually sit down and read it, it’s all pretty clear. The Constitution is very clearly worded, there shouldn’t be any doubt. I mean, it’s like the ten commandments. One is you shall not steal. That’s pretty clear, too. Don’t steal. Period. 100% clear, no?

    Same if you take the 10 rules for henro, aka pilgrims, on Road 88. Also very clear and simple. The precepts in Musashi’s Dokkodo, very clear, very simple, no convoluted mumbo jumbo.

    Then why is it so complicated to deal with this? Oh, I know. There’s an industry attached to it. Lawyers. We have highly complex laws these days, which require armies of lawyers to take care of. Why? No reason really. Well, except one. Because some people always try to weasel out of things. The more convoluted a law is, the more “experts” you need dealing with it.

    The US Declaration of Independence is 1,300 words, while EU regulations for the sale of cabbages take 26,911 words. That’s no joke. And there is the problem.

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