This comes as news, PunditWorld?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.

Wow, way to commit, Jonah.  You’re also wrong.  Something perfectly clear can’t become increasingly clear. 

This Maraniss book has all of punditry commenting on Barack’s forked tongue.  Some are even acting as if we finally have proof.   Er…riiiight.  Finally

In early 2008, the only things I knew about Obama were 1) he was a Democratic Senator from Chicago and, 2) he was campaigning as an enemy of government waste and fraud.  So I had him pegged as a liar about 70 milliseconds after becoming aware of his existence. 

Oh sure, it was theoretically possible Barack wasn’t lying…but.  If he was a corruption-fighting Illini Democrat I would have heard of him.  Probably in the obituaries, after having been murdered by all the other Chicago Democrats.  It’s the same way I’d heard of Sarah Palin long before most people, because she fought corruption in her own party

It really is that simple. 

P.S.—The irony of me writing an entire useless post (for free!) about the uselessness of other (paid!) writers’ columns isn’t unnoticed.  I just wish good guys like Jonah would dump all the ridiculous padding and fight bare-knuckled. 

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