Civilization’s Fall is a Monster Movie.

It’s ironic.  By vanquishing the Axis Powers the “Greatest Generation” proved that it was…well, America’s Greatest Generation.  And yet it literally sowed the seeds of America’s destruction.

You’re probably glaring at that “literally”.  Don’t.  Literal abuse is wrong.  And the WWII winners literally sowed the seeds of destruction.

Fact #1:  Nuclear infernos ended World War II but raised fears of genetic mutations.

Fact #2:  “Baby Boomers” were Earth’s first post-nuclear offspring. 


Of course not.  “Boomers” are evil mutants.  As a radiation professional I am an expert at spotting bio-aberrations.  So, trust me:  Baby Boomers are monsters. 

Though all are inhuman, not all “BBs” are evil.  Probably millions aren’t.  Well…thousands, anyway.  And nothing is more impressive than a “Tea Party” Baby Boomer.  Freedom and individuality are alien to their very nature, yet still they are forces for good.  Superman is a great guy, but you don’t get more heroic than the big fella:

And Tea Party Boomers become even more impressive when you consider the B.B. superpower.  Obviously Boomers have a power, even non-aberrations can possess one.  For example, mine is the power of Dispassionate Thought.  Instapundit can Monitor the Internet in Real-Time, and Jonah Goldberg possesses Canine Telepathy.   (Just to be clear, his mental rapport is with dogs, not teeth.)

And the Baby Boomer superpower? 

The BBs are an alien Hive Mind.  Each looks like a person, but is merely one cell in an aggregate super-organism that can reach almost-human levels of cognition. 

“But shouldn’t that hive mind be smarter than a Neanderthal,” you wonder?  That’s human bias.  The B.B. Collective traded intellect in exchange for unity of purpose and numerical superiority.  Look where it is today.  Does it seem unsuccessful to you?  In fact, it would be the perfect survivor if it wasn’t killing its host.

But…the BBs are killing their host.  They can’t help it.  The command of “MORE!” is written in their genes.  The BB collective would be effectively immortal if it could restrain itself.  But instead of absorbing just enough people and resources for sustenance, it grows without restraint.

That why we’re screwed.  But it’s also why freedom-loving Baby Boomers are so amazing.  They’re nothing but sloughed-off bits of a cancerous collective, and yet they became people anyway.  Better people than most humans, in fact.

Maybe they and their offspring will be the phoenix after civilization’s ashes settle…

…and if the Baby Boomers themselves do not survive.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to Civilization’s Fall is a Monster Movie.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Somewhat fitting:

    I can only say… Holy leaping penguins Batman!

    Fits into the pattern though. Kan was nowhere to be seen, while Edano ran the show back then.

    Then add the issues that Noda is facing right now. He may get his tax “reform”, but has to give in on everything else. That DPJ, if things continue like this, will implode.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah, I saw that! Brutal. But totally justified if true.

      • Edohiguma says:

        This is going to be REALLY nasty. The whole tax “reform” (aka tax hike while not controlling useless spending, as usual) has the DPJ split on a level never seen before. And then this. This might get really ugly.

        I might still win my bet!

        • Xpat says:

          Ozawa has always been a worm.

          If I remember right, Kan was running around TOO MUCH after the disaster, trying to look involved, getting in everyone’s way, hampering the response, in some accounts actually contributing to the nuke screw up (but I have no opinion on that–the accounts are confusing). Edano seemed to be the competent man in charge at the time, but now it seems he was key in contributing to the disinformation. I’m assuming they all knew there was a meltdown and were just calculating how many weeks or months later to let it be known. If I read between the lines, I guess Ozawa heard about the meltdown and freaked out, adopting the instinctual self-preservation mode of that breed of loathsome Japanese politicians, probably without really understanding too much about the actual risk. (I truly can’t understand how Ozawa achieved his pinnacle of party influence, unless it was by something like gathering dirt on everybody and enforcing obedience through threat of exposure? Or something sleazy like that.) I never thought anyone would make me nostalgic for the LDP, but the DPJ has succeeded.

          As far as I remember, the DPJ only sprung into prominence after Prime Minister Aso, the last PM to represent the long reign of the LDP, who was seen as a gaffe prone dolt, but who now, compared to the present crew, doesn’t actually look that bad. The DPJ was supposed to be the new face of Japanese politics. The flameout of the DJP would not be that big of a deal. Some other coalition would fill its place, probably with a lot of the same people, and probably do more or less the same stupid sh**. And yes, you’re right. It’s tax more and don’t spend any less, and throw massive money at meaningless, incompetent entitlements, projects, bailouts, etc.

          Japan’s bleeding away it’s wealth and influence and know-how, and doesn’t seem to comprehend it, while the other Asian competitors are persistently kicking its butt. The country’s getting old. Young people are incredibly uncurious and too comfortable with their lives to go abroad and make things happen–it’s not like the scrappy postwar generation that made Japan a happening place. But maybe I listen to the rants of Mrs. Xpat too much. She’s very cynical.

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