xpat classic.

Still re-reading Fukushima posts and comments.  Why?  Much as I hate to give the guy any traffic, this may be why:

Anyway, xpat put some hilarious time and effort into describing what we science techies sounded like at the time:

“Wow.  0.27 mrgls.  I’m, like, totally freaking out!  Mommy, Mommy!”

“LOL.  I just took in 0.3 mrgls by using the elevator.”

“Yeah.  (Snort.)  Ride it two more times and you’ll be over your limit, man!”


“By the way, I just heard they’re bringing in a vrolmadator.”

“A vrolmadator?  Why?  What good’s that going to do?”

“They thought it could bracilate the new breach in Nugwrel containment.”

“Wait . . .  the new breach?  What are you talking about?”

“NJV reported a hairline fissmit in the Frilapian containment well.”

“Holy smat.  There’s been a whole lot of framping on this hoozle, but this time, lads, we really do have something to worry about.  Lord have mercy on us all.”

“The last time I checked, the Ryker index didn’t show any decampification. I seriously doubt we’re looking at a hyper-breach.”

“Then what do they need a vrolmadator for?”

“Especially a Russian one.”

Russians.  I swear.”


A thing of beauty.

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1 Response to xpat classic.

  1. Xpat says:

    Those were the days! We’d need another natural+man-made disaster to re-capture the mood . . .

    The funniest thing about that one was Charlie Martin’s comment. He said what scared him most was that he understood that conversation.

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