Government is a necessary evil.

Government isn’t necessarily evil, but it is necessarily a necessary evil.  Leftists will point to that statement and…well, not understand it.  But they’ll say it proves I’m anti-government.

I am not anti-government.  I am anti-unnecessary government.

How about a clarifying analogy?  LANGUAGE ALERT.   Pissing and shitting are necessary evils.  So I think eliminating bodily waste is evil?  Of course not.  So what’s the difference between necessary evil and evil?  It’s the difference between crapping on a toilet and crapping in the kitchen.

For that reason, I state that it is impossible for government to do good.  It might be possible if government was limited in time.  But it isn’t.  It is open-ended into the future.  Thus any “good” will always be used as an excuse for ever-more government.  This unnecessary evil will, in time, vastly outweigh the good.

Here’s an example of “good” federal government:  the interstate highway system.

Eisenhower did not pitch it as the Fed having the authority to dictate the driving choices of Americans.  He argued for it as an emergency military resource.  The Armed Forces can just take the odd numbered routes when Canada and Mexico invade, and the even ones when we’re boarded from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  But, during times of peace, law-abiding citizens can use the roads as they choose.

That is both utterly Constitutional and utterly brilliant.  Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase was equally brilliant…but even he questioned if it was legal.  Too bad.  In this case he was much less intelligent than Eisenhower.  Aquiring more real estate is easily justified as increasing national security.  It’s even one of the very few good reasons for acruing federal debt.

Anyway.  The federal government has the right to dictate speed limits on federal property.  That is the Fed doing its business where it’s supposed to.  But establishing a national 55 MPH speed limit on all roads, without an Amendment?  That’s crapping in the kitchen.  Dictating Americans’ health care “choices”?  That’s crapping in your salad.  And preventing law-abiding citizens from acquiring firearms in defiance of the 2nd Amendment?  That’s government using your hand for toilet paper.

NYC banning sugared drinks larger than 16 oz.?  That’s Bloomberg pissing in your soda.  I’m as viscerally opposed to unnecessary government as you would be to see Mikey drop trou and take a whiz in your Mountain Dew.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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