Today’s polling/voting disparity: The “Badly Affect”.

The Bradley Effect is just another lie leftists tell themselves to avoid self-examination.  But the “Badly Affect” probably explains why even exit polls were 6-10 points off on yesterday’s Walker/Barrett election.

Results skew this way because leftists are Badly Affected by unwanted news: 

That’s her political ally, remember.

So, who wants to deal with a crazy person?  Nobody sane.  A conservative or libertarian who disagrees with you might roll her eyes.  Whereas a progressive slaps you or Tweets your home address.

Polls aren’t mandatory, right?  So I’m curious as to what % of people approached by pollsters agree to take part.  Surely the number of non-leftists goes down as the Left gets loonier?  Why take the chance that your interviewer is muy loco?  Meanwhile leftists don’t have that worry.  Both they and progressive pollsters will reinforce the Hive Mind, or else they’ll receive polite thanks for their time.

How much will the Badly Affect contribute to the Presidential election? , I’ll guess 3%, +1.  Those horrible and threatening Wisconsin union thugs aren’t in much of the country.

Also, how funny is it that the Left can’t really whine about cheating?!  Heh.  “You’re right!  We need to I.D. every voter, stat!”


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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