Question: Who governs the government?

Answer:  No one and no thing…if the government gets its way.

Suppose your child is pale and sickly.  You go to a doctor who says, “She has anemia.  Since she’s too pale, let’s rub red food coloring on her skin.”  To which you reply, “You’re a…doctor?”

Or maybe you’d get a second opinion.  But you’d never find that incompetent an M.D. in the first place.  The current setup has implicit but powerful assumptions understood by both parties.  The doctor will either fix what’s wrong or explain why he can’t.  There are consequences for screw-ups.

And who mediates things when doctor/patient relationships go bad?  The government, of course. 

But that same government now seeks to be the doctor in your life.  Dr. Bloomberg thinks you’re obese and his proposed treatment is to cut off your Big Gulps.  Though “proposes” is too mild; it’s not like he’s giving patients a choice.  His idea is provoking lots of responses.  Here’s an intelligent one pointing out some really stupid ones. 

But what’s not being pointed out is what Dr. Bloomberg dodges:  consequences.  Mikey demands power but takes no responsibility.  When his “cure” fails, will he acknowledge he screwed up?  “Wow, that only made things worse, didn’t it?”  Or will he blame everyone else for not doing as they were told?  “I tried to be nice; now nobody gets any soft drinks at all!”

(Well, except for Mike and his cronies at their private parties.  Hey, pass the trans-fats!)

Letting government make your health decisions is to kneel in slavery before Mike Bloomberg.  Go ahead if you want, but not this WORM.  The shame would kill me long before my 7-layer lasagna (lard, salt, Jolt Cola, lard, MSG, ghost peppers, lard) ever will.

Everybody should understand consequences.  Bloomberg is correct: eat and drink too much and you’ll get fat.  What he doesn’t understand:  snooty meddlers get their asses kicked.

And whose fault is it that he’s forgotten?  Ours.  But mostly NYC folks.

Thanks a lot, jerks.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Question: Who governs the government?

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Yep, probably one of the oldest questions: “Who watches the watchers?”

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