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W.R. Mead doesn’t address a big issue here.

Apparently 51% of the American public wants U.S. forces out of Europe. Prof. Mead is sure that policy would be bad.  And perhaps it would.  But he isn’t examining both sides of the coin.  It’s not that he’s avoiding: And … Continue reading

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Maintenance Day gone amuck!

Wow.  I’ll spend half of tomorrow writing up today’s rad surveys.  And I picked up as much radiation as a jet passenger flying NY to LA! Well…almost. But maybe being worn out means tonight I’ll get some rest, for once.  … Continue reading

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It’s obviously Wonder Woman, as if it matters.

Which DC superhero is coming out of the closet?  Yawn.  Such original storytelling. Dumbledore! If profits are still important to DC and it’s a major character coming out, then of course it will be Wonder Woman.  Sales losses will be minimal, and they might see … Continue reading

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Progressives are mentally retarded.

I didn’t start this fight; I’m just finishing it.  What fight?  At the excellent WeeklyStandard site, Andrew Ferguson has been following the “conservatives are inferior” trend in social “science”. The most common working premise of social-psychology research is far-fetched all … Continue reading

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What’s worse than the “Devil’s Advocate”?

The Devil’s Publicist, maybe? See, if the Devil is on trial somebody has to represent him.  If he can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed to him by law.  But nobody has to do P.R. work for him.  So … Continue reading

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The what… how… What’s this I don’t even…

I will not say anything, I will not judge. I won’t even remotely add to this. I will just let you all figure out what the heck is going on. So I found this “little” article. I read through it … Continue reading

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Fallout in Japan

Fallout! No, not the radioactive one. Today we’re going to have a look at the fallout the magnificent statement of El Guapo, pardon, Obummer, pardon, President Obama on gay marriage caused in Japan. Oh yes, we’re going there. Beat Takeshi, … Continue reading

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