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Spam is mutating again.

The code, not the meat product. On second thought, have you seen the variety of Spam™ lately?  They have Hot n’ Spicy and Jalepeno! Anyway, about the lower-case spam.   Some is now making it past the filters and being offered for … Continue reading

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Debate with the Left is futile, even for Michelle Malkin.

Gee, the MSM still isn’t covering the Brett Kimberlin story.  I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! But on occasion they do invite liberty-loving pundits like the divine Ms. Malkin.  Then there’s the pretense of a rational discussion. Play a thought … Continue reading

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Some advice about avoiding enslavement and eradication.

The Brett Kimberlin thing has awakened many people to the horrible truth that we’re fighting for survival.  Some still try to appeal to the reason of statists. Don’t.  Do something you enjoy, instead. Up until a few years ago, I … Continue reading

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Forgot about all the other BABKD links!

Was so busy on my Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day entry, I forgot about the rest! Here is Lin’s post.  It’s a masterful mix of research, commentary, and compilation.  In fact, just swing by her joint for all your BABKD needs.  … Continue reading

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You are not a terrorist, Brett Kimberlin.

(UPDATE–My address was redacted, at my brother’s request.  He has no idea why I did that or why it’s imporatant.  But as he once tried to frighten me out of his house by firing a gun in my general direction, I’m caving.  He’s infinitely scarier than Brett … Continue reading

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Labeling labels.

Do you wanna know a secret?  Most people sense it intuitively but don’t know it exactly.  That’s because while everyone thinks, only philosophers think about thinking. (My brain actually thinks about thinking about thinking, but that’s because it hates me … Continue reading

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Poor little fellers, we need to beat them down, stat!

We’ve just learned that leftists suffer from puny Prefrontal Cortexes…Cortexi?  Now it seems they also have teeny little amygdalae.  Wow.  They really don’t see consequences, do they?  Apparently there’s detectable variation in size between the (larger) conservative and (smaller) leftist … Continue reading

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