We come to clone Reagan, not merely worship Him.

Admit it.  You worship Reagan as a God.

Reagan is the right’s Christ, and his sacralization speaks volumes about the character of today’s right-wing insurgents.

I realize most of the religious right thinks that Christ is their “Christ”, but who are they to dispute someone as humble and loving and wise as Lee Siegel?

How else to explain the astounding fact that this cynical cipher (ed.–Romney) is now more or less neck and neck with Obama in the polls? A true Christian, alienated by the status quo, will search for Christ in every face he or she meets. So do many of today’s voters search for Reagan’s comforting aura in every politician they encounter.

Well, we Reagan-worshippers do have it coming.  We haven’t exactly hidden our faith:

“Reagan is standing above the country…he’s sort of God.”

“…is embracing their children like God.”

And of course Reagan Himself admitted his divine powers.

Hmm.  The word is “projection”, isn’t it?  Is that the one?

Lee Siegel obviously should be intelligent.  His mental CPU and database seem to be excellent.  And yet, his his output is total garbage.  Frankly, he’s dumber than a styrofoam gas tank.  Why?  His software is buggy.  It’s riddled with the Left’s viruses.

How stupid is he?  It “astounds” him that The One might lose.  How astounded?  Look at the only theory he can come up with.

LOL, literally, here at the keyboard.  I’ll say it again:  if they weren’t trying to enslave or destroy us, the Left would be the Greatest Comedy Show on Earth.  The ancient Greeks had to construct intricate scripts and myths to explore the extremes of hubris and vanity.  We’re getting performance art!

So how can progressives be so ridiculous with a straight face?  First, the obvious:  if Obama loses it’s because the only campaign promise he’s kept is “skyrocketing energy prices”.

Tough analysis, right?  Should have taken you about seventy milliseconds.  Lee Siegel?  He never will, as long as he begins with his conclusions.  He has already judged that  “Obama must win re-election.”  So of course he can’t comprehend a reality where Obama doesn’t.

But within the confines of that conclusion he’s free to “think”.  And for a lefty, Siegel is a real genius:

“We have to make the bitter clingers vote properly or stay home.  Say, Bible-thumpers claim to hate idolatry, right?  So let’s call them idolators if they don’t vote Obama! ”

It’s possible Siegel’s analogy was inspired by that $30,000 bid for a vial of Reagan’s blood.  It really stands out because only Reaganites make crazy auction bids.

Let me give you the whole story, Lee.  Yes, we’re fanatical worshippers of Reagan and want to make burnt offerings of tax rates and tariffs.  We seek to return this enlightened nation to the barbarism of rapid growth, low unemployment, and equality under the law.

But Mr. Siegel, we don’t want His holy blood for worshipping.

We seek it for cloning.  Get with the times, Luddite.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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12 Responses to We come to clone Reagan, not merely worship Him.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’m quoting from one of the articles.

    “But what I liked about the President’s speech in Cairo was that it showed a complete humility…”

    Yeah, I remember that one. It was that speech that, if I was Obama’s history teacher, I would drive to the WH and beat him to death with a history book. This self-proclaimed “avid student of history” would absolutely deserve this.

  2. Larry says:

    No, I won’t admit it.

    And I’ll not be reading here any more.

  3. thepi says:

    Nice build up to the punchline.

    And yes, a classic case of projection:

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