Some advice about avoiding enslavement and eradication.

The Brett Kimberlin thing has awakened many people to the horrible truth that we’re fighting for survival.  Some still try to appeal to the reason of statists.

Don’t.  Do something you enjoy, instead.

Up until a few years ago, I believed that our opponents might be reasonable.  Then I examined the situation, asked myself one question…and was appalled by the truth.

Here’s the question:  “What would it take to have peace with the Left?”

The answer?  Endless Surrender–which actually wouldn’t work, either.  There is no peace with statists.  There is no compromise.  There is no giving them what they want, because they “want” Utopia.  All they want is the impossible.  Why won’t you give it to them, you bastards?

The best thing we could do for everyone, right now, is to beat the living crap out of every single statist.  With 2×4’s, if necessary.  Does that seem extreme?  Really?

Then tell me:  how do you think this thing ends?





There is no “solution”, in the sense of a final solution.  They are the ones who think “Final Solutions” exist.  The best thing is to break them–here, now, as gently as possible–and institute a Constitution 2.0 to fix the bugs that threaten the original document.  Just repair the mistakes of our ancestors and let our descendents deal with our screwups.  The longer we wait, the messier it gets.

So am I seriously proposing that we start physically beating some sense into the Left?



Is that the right answer?  No.  No, it isn’t.  The right answer is that we put these millions of mental and moral imbeciles in their place immediately.  And since they are impervious to reason or conscience, physically chastising them would be best for all concerned.  But if you don’t believe in spanking–if you want to ground them, or take away T.V. privileges or desserts, or whatever–fine.  It’s less efficient, but you puny humans have social hangups that always reduce efficiency.

You want to keep conversing with the Left?  Bah.  Fine.  You’re the Captain Kirks, I’m your lowly Spock.  But will you take some advice?  Just…just screw with the hive mind.  The entire Left is less intelligent than one normal human brain.  So when they spend two minutes whining “racism!”, you reply with two words: “Robert Byrd”.

DON’T EXPLAIN.  Don’t elaborate.  If (when) they say, “I don’t get it”, you say, “Then educate yourself and get back to me”.  Or, “go back to the kids’ table, then”, or “Then what good are you?” or…well, you get it.

The point is, never treat them like adults.  Don’t let their size fool you, they are malevolent, amoral children.  Yes, some leftists are individually intelligent.  Some may even be quicker and more clever than you.  Don’t worry!  You can destroy even the smartest of them with ease.  Because the smart ones are all evil, and bound by a dark covenant:  they must pretend they believe the crap spewing from their mouths.

Rub their noses in it.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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12 Responses to Some advice about avoiding enslavement and eradication.

  1. midwest bill says:

    yeah … with the leftists on the worker level, they just want their union jobs and an easy doctrine that they can absorb in 30 minutes or evening news. They feel superior because they believe in “global warming”, while we “deniers” are maligned as ignorant, because we chatter on about false science or conspiracies to defraud. And don’t mention anthropogenic global warming, or they’ll become confused and angry, and they do bite.

    On the higher level, the leftist cabal seems to be organized crime, adapted to profit from control of government. It’s all about directing public funds to their own coffers, unions and top campaign bundlers being prime recipients of the largesse. They also use power to “punish their enemies”, as Obama put it. They investigate and over-regulate the “trouble makers”, mostly capitalist leaning conservatives that still cling to truth and a justice system.

    Their leaders are evil, but they have organized a mob that will chant for them. Given how they cheer Maher on when he describes in detail how he would like to basically rape Palin, we do have to worry what happens if they get even more power. Orwell’s 1984 describes the twisting of thought, but real life Russian gulags are a grim reminder of the realities of how man treats fellow humans in much of the world.

    In most moderate size cities, beneath the veneer of civility and freedom, is a horde of criminals that run the towns with lawyers and politicians that flaunt the law and redirect contracts, positions, and property to their own little crime syndicates. But even though it is incumbent on the citizenry to bring down these criminal organizations, most prefer to play into them. Their cousin is a cop, so they get some tickets fixed … and bada bing, they took the blue pill. You have a little business, you have to grease the right palms, with cash or maybe just campaign support. Pay to play becomes the law of the land, and those that took the blue pill look the other way, because they get their (very little) piece of the action.

    The Tea Parties may be the last hope … if that fails and we start tipping over, it may be time to get more assertive, before they start hauling off those that dare to speak out against the corrupt. Appealing to reason won’t work on the statists, but it will work on the undecideds that may discover the evening news guys have been lying to them. “Live free or die” may be a more real choice if we much further down the current path of destruction.

    • wormme says:

      Terrific comment there. You put “the slippery slope” in concrete terms.

      And we both left out the worst of it, which justifies opposing them, today, in any fashion we choose.

      They are brainwashing America’s children. Though we deserve the blame, not them. I don’t blame leftists the way I do people who possess moral agency. But wasps don’t know what they’re doing either; it doesn’t mean you’ll let them sting a child to death.

      Same principle.

      • Robert Hewes says:

        “They are brainwashing America’s children” is largely true — though obviously we can ground our own children in reality. The thing is, in the end their way can never win. It didn’t win in Germany, it didn’t win in the USSR, and it won’t win here. Why? Because the math just doesn’t add up. Despite how much they blather on about historic inevitabilities, they can’t possibly sustain a system that prays on its constituents for more than a few decades. The only real risk is that when it does finally collapse, some idjit will start tossing around nukes, or germs, or nano-whateverthehell. Otherwise it’s just a big cycle.

        Of course, living through the inevitable crash will suck. That’s why I’m eating as much bacon as I can now.

    • Edohiguma says:

      The entire “argument” about global warming/climate change is 100% political. The very moment I point out the errors and issues with Mann, Hansen, etc, the very first thing I get back as reply is that my numbers were paid for by “Big Oil” or that I’m some kind of “right winger”. There is no scientific debate. This is purely political, ideological.

  2. I’ve tried to converse with enough of folks on the left now, to totally get what you are saying. Truly, having kids makes it even more obvious, b/c the similar reactions to something they don’t like is quite unmistakable. The personalizing, the sudden high emotions, the stridency, the “but the world will end/you are a meanie!” mentality.

    Emotional children.

    I still converse with a representative of “the left” every once and awhile, did so yesterday even, and I actually do still try to treat him or her as an adult. But as an adult that will never allow me to convince them of anything. So, yeah, the bottom line is, I just do it to poke ’em.

    cheers bud. Stacy McCain saw and retweeted your epic post from yesterday; hope you got a surge of Twitter hits out of that!


    • wormme says:

      Once you see them as they are, there’s never any mistaking again. But poke away; their histronics provide blogging material and unintentional comedy.

      I didn’t know Stacy had noticed. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Here’s some tweets I’ve seen since he shared it:

        “That was the most bad ass blog I have ever read. Thank you for sharing!”

        “I am cheering out loud.”

        “Oh my, that was one righteous rant !”

        You rock dude.

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