Poor little fellers, we need to beat them down, stat!

We’ve just learned that leftists suffer from puny Prefrontal Cortexes…Cortexi?  Now it seems they also have teeny little amygdalae.  Wow.  They really don’t see consequences, do they? 

Apparently there’s detectable variation in size between the (larger) conservative and (smaller) leftist amygdala.  To progressive “scientists” like (from the Breitbart article) Holland and Mooney, this proves that conservatives are less-evolved than leftists. 

Remember:  progressives try to force everyone to live like progressives.  And how do Holland and Mooney justify a homogenous Utopia? By pointing out that liberals and conservatives are heterogeneous!  Bwah ha ha!  “We’re different types of people, so you will behave exactly as we tell you! 

It’s like the blind leading the headless. 

Hey, Holland and Mooney!  Lefties and progressives!  Do you know why you…triumphantly!…cite facts that completely undermine your own argument? 

You’re mentally retarded

(Leftists younger than 25 years old can be labeled “mentally immature”.  The rare mentally competent leftists are actually evil slavers who need destruction, preferably by fire.)

Mooney’s atrophied Prefrontal Cortex causes him to misread the amygdala data.  Well, that and his ridiculous self-worship.  He had no choice but to believe that his amygdala is juuuuust right, thus the bigger conservative one is an atavistic throwback. 

Sorry, wrong.  It’s obvious (to the fabulous W.O.R.M.brain) that if leftists were last in line when God handed out amygdalae…that’s not a good thing.

Geez.  A few more scientific breakthroughs and I might start feeling sorry for leftists.  The Prefrontal Cortex and the amygdala are both vital to risk-assessment and consequence-evaluation.  Progressives have been synergistically short-changed.  Bless their little hearts.

(I’d feel even sorrier for them if their impairments didn’t create sociopathic hate-filled dictators.) 

But I must point out that you can never threaten a mule with a 2×4 until you’ve actually beaten him with it a few times.  He will never make the connection for himself until you do it for him, so to speak. 

Likewise, you can’t reason with a faulty brain that doesn’t understand the idea of consequences.  You must administer consequences, and shocking ones at that.  It’s a long shot, but a rhetorical 2×4 might wake the P-Cortex and amygdala and give these poor leftist bastards some much-needed brain exercise.

A literal 2×4, applied properly, would definitely give these poor leftist bastards some much-needed brain exercise.

Don’t worry…it would be for their own good.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to Poor little fellers, we need to beat them down, stat!

  1. thepi says:

    Can’t wait until they find out they have larger medulla oblongatas as well.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Wow, that’s just sad.

    “For instance, Mooney and others point to liberal’s openness to new experience, as one of their great psychological strengths. In this Huffington Post video, Mooney talks about this quality over an image of a man bungee jumping off a cliff.”

    Yeah, that’s a calculated risk. That doesn’t count. Things can go wrong, but, just like with sky diving, if the preparations are right, it will work. And let’s see, the great adventurers and inventors, the pioneers of, let’s say, aviation… I don’t think they were “liberals” in today’s definition.

    Otto Lilienthal was no lib. His glider worked, he was just really unlucky one day. The techniques for controlling gliders weren’t really developed then. So he made a mistake and crashed to his death. Lilienthal, the Wright brothers, Amundsen, etc, I don’t see how any of them was a lib. They were driven men, yes, but certainly not liberals.

    Btw, Mooney is a journalist with no medical or other scientific training, and he’s interpreting medical findings? Oh dear. Oh wait, he actually wrote a book in which he pushed the idea -similar to Michael Mann- that “global warming” has an influence on hurricanes, something already disproven by actual hurricane experts.

    • wormme says:

      Yep. It’s the pioneers who get the arrows. Hey, we should get on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride and be doughty seamen!

      But I don’t think you can prove that something doesn’t have ANY effect. I think what the experts have shown is that there is no measurable effects on hurricanes by G.W.

      • Edohiguma says:

        I remember, after Mann made his claim, hurricane experts came out and basically called it a load of horse manure. There is no increased number of hurricanes. I know the GW screamers like to mention Katrina, but… I mean seriously, the area was known to be hurricane land, and New Orleans is partly below sea level… D’Oh!

        Also, what is long, hard and full of seamen?

        A submarine.

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