Now, what about polygamous gay marriage?

As you’ve no doubt heard, Barack has come out of the chapel closet.  Yawn.  As someone brilliantly observed, “he was for it before he was against it before he was for it”.

For the first time, I regret that Romney is Mormon.  He won’t mention polygamy, will he?  Even though a smart Latter Day Saint could now destroy Obama on the subject of marriage.

(Well, assuming the LDS candidate isn’t in favor of polygamy.) 

“In 1857, President Buchanan sent an army into the state of Utah.  Why?  To force the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to give up polygamy.  It worked, and as a Mormon I’m grateful.  My one-and-only Ann is already more woman than I can handle.”

“I strongly believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman.  This is not because government should meddle in the affairs of consenting adults.  I defend traditional American marriage because it is what is best for America’s children.”

“The President wants the federal government out of the marriage business.  He’s fine with banning light bulbs, and shutting down energy production, and forcing Catholic organizations to provide contraceptives…but not with promoting the best households for innocent children.”   

“In conclusion:  gay marriage blows.”

(WTF, you ask?  Great speechwriters always let the speaker improve their work.  That doesn’t mean you let him decide what the improvement is.  Give an obvious edit.  It works on censors, too!)

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2 Responses to Now, what about polygamous gay marriage?

  1. Edohiguma says:

    The biggest issue in Obie’s speech for me was when he said that the US military is fighting on HIS behalf. That pissed me off, you can’t imagine how badly.

    Though, it’s funny that Obie comes out for gay marriage, while he’s so buddy buddy with the mohammedans, who openly hate gays and kill them for being gay. There are 7-odd countries, all mohammedan, where homosexuality is punished with death. Pretty much all other mohammedan countries have homosexuality outlawed. Obama loves the mohammedans, his words and actions say so without a doubt.

    I’m absolutely convinced that he’s only coming out in support because that way he can play into the hands of the “progressives” again, given that it’s an election year.

    It’s also interesting how quick Obama was out and commenting, similar to the Zimmerman case. But when there’s a real issue he’s off golfing or delegates it to somebody else (the bin Laden decision was effectively delegated to McRaven.)

    Also, hate crimes by mohammedans against homosexuals are through the roof in the EU. The gay community in Amsterdam, for example, used to be a very save place. No longer, thanks to uncontrolled immigration of mohammedans. It’s the same in the rest of the EU. In Germany mohammedan “youths” have a “game” called “Schwulenklatschen”, lit. “gay slapping”. If you’re thinking it’s about a group of “youths” ambushing and beating up gays, yep, that’s what it is.

    The really funny thing, though, is that many very “liberal” and “progressive” homosexuals over here are very quick to defend islam from “evil islamophobes” and “right wing extremists”. You know how it is, the dumbest sheep pick their own butcher.

    Homosexuals should make no mistake: Obama is not their friend. He’s just playing them. The left wing and the “progressives” aren’t their friends either. Those people love islam and islam hates gays on a scale that no evangelical Christian ever could. I’m not fan of those evangelical Christians, mind you, but if I have to chose between them and some Salafists, or similar, as neighbor… I take the Christians.

    Also, before I forget it, the hypocrisy of the gay “activists” is amazing. They bitch and moan at, for example, North Carolina, but are they ever protesting in front of the Iranian embassy? I have yet to hear about something like that. It’s similar to the feminists. They bitch and moan over, for example, the “Heroes Square” (Heldenplatz) here in Vienna, crying how Austria also had female heroes (totally ignoring the fact that this square was initially named for the Austria troops and generals defending Austria against Napoleon), but actual issues, like the holocaust of little girls in China, who are aborted because they’re girls, that doesn’t matter. Bunch of lying hypocrites, all of them.

    The whole affair is annoying by now. One side whines “it’s our right!”, the other side whines “no it’s sacred!” and it goes in circles. There is no reasonable discussion whatsoever, there is only whining. Both sides need the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance.

    It’s two children quarreling over a toy while the house around them is on fire.

    • wormme says:

      His “the Armed Forces are working for me” didn’t anger me at all. It was hilarious. I hope he keeps accidently sharing his honest beliefs.

      And it’s always good to be reminded about the free pass Islam gets from the folks who hate you and me.

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