Sayonara, electricity.

Japan has de-nuked itself.

Protest organiser Masao Kimura said: “It’s a symbolic day today. Now we can prove that we will be able to live without nuclear power.”

Geez.  That was never in doubt.  The question is always risk versus benefit.  Obviously there are alternative energy resources. 

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace said Friday the country should concentrate on ramping up renewables and boosting energy efficiency.

Hey, nukes are renewable

But whatever.  Anyone reading this site might think me “pro-nuke”.  Nope.  No more than pro-“taking out the trash” or pro-“gutting fish”.  I’d love to have cleanliness and smoked salmon without working for them.   But our choice is to either do things we’d rather not, or wallow in filth and eat like animals. 

(And consider just how decadent society has gotten, for “adults” to have forgotten such  basic truth.)  

So we could just de-power human society, as millions of spoiled idiots demand.  They, of course, will be the first ones eaten when their wish finally comes true.  But for us who find abundant power an enormous blessing, the nuclear energy option is among the least bad.

What is the least bad use of available energy?  IMAO, it’s “geo-solar”.  If our self-proclaimed betters really cared about both people and Gaia, they’d be pushing it for all it’s worth.

How does it work?  Build your house either partially underground or with extremely thick, dense walls.  Assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere, put it on a southern slant.

Aaaaand…congratulations!  You’ve just done more for Mother Nature than every anti-nuke protester, ever.

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7 Responses to Sayonara, electricity.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Meanwhile in Germany the big offshore windfarms are about to be shut down. Further development is too expensive. Same happening in Spain. Everywhere it’s actually tried, the “renewable” idea is turning out to be catastrophic. The price for electricity in Germany has been skyrocketing.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Also, it will be interesting how this will work out in summer. The electricity companies have already warned about not enough power production. This will be fun. Years of demonizing electricity are finally paying off for the enviro-fascists, but as usual their goals are so very short sighted.

    It’s funny. There’s an interesting theory stating that the peace protests and anti-nuke movements in the West were actually funded by the Soviet Union. It makes sense. All the anti-nuke and environment groups are essentially left wing.

    It’s so retarded. But well, the plants will be powered up again when the Japanese people realize that “renewable” energy is a hoax. I wonder how Japan is going to finance the exploration of wind and solar when considering that the national debt is soon hitting 250% of the GDP. If Germany can’t do it with less national debt, then Japan will be in for a very rude wake up call.

    Some phone company is going to build a solar park on Hokkaido (great choice of location, given the snow on Hokkaido in winter the plant won’t produce anything in winter) and they’re actually promising a minimum output. Which, considering that both solar and wind are utterly unreliable and not efficient at all, will bite them in the butt. I’m looking forward to the day when people realize that they need nuclear power.

    • wormme says:

      About the only thing solar elecricity is good for is being off the grid. If storage wasn’t the bottleneck, solar and wind would be much more viable…again, off the grid. But battery development is…what’s the opposite of Moore’s Law?

      Wait, I know! Les’s Law.

  3. Edohiguma says:

    Me again, and I just found this:

    It’s about the so called “Energiewende”, the “brilliant” idea to turn off all nukes and go “renewable” in Germany, while pushing the prices for power up.

    The company in question is the Trimet AG. They are Germany’s largest aluminum producer with 800 workers in the plant in Essen. They require power worth 250 million Euro per year and have a profit of 23.7 million Euro per year. They also operate 360 furnaces for the alu. Everyone who knows how aluminum is produced knows that it requires a lot of power. Now if the price for electricity would just go up by 1 cent, they’d end up with a loss of 40 to 50 million Euro. In 2000 they paid 2.5 cent for 1 kw/h, by now the price for this has doubled.

    ThyssenKrupp in Krefeld: 2,000 men on furnaces of 1,600 degrees Celsius produce steel, which eats up a lot of power as well. ThyssenKrupp now fears losing up to 5,000 jobs in the entire company.

    Trimet AG states that they want to be part of building solar plants in Germany, but the simple fact that electricity in other countries is cheaper than in Germany makes competition almost impossible.

    Of course, some “scientist”, Claudia Kemfert, is quick to say that the renewable energy will bring 16,000 jobs in Westphalia alone. Now Mrs Kemfert is this: an economics expert in the areas of Energy research and Environmental protection and a reviewer for the IPCC. Perfectly qualified, isn’t she?

    They thought the same in Spain. And it crashed and burned.

    • wormme says:

      I’d holler “Schadenfreude!” if we weren’t doing the exact same thing. Of course our Supreme Leader did serve notice, “under my plan energy costs would necessarily skyrocket”.

      One of his very rare true statements.

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