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AFK all day…

…and about the first thing I ran across was Mikey Bloomberg’s latest profile in courage.  Why is it that nanny-staters are never hot nannies?  Given the right au pair, I might be willing to give up a few liberties.  As … Continue reading

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Snap judgment confirmed yet again!

Your humble host…well, relatively humble…rarely makes quick decisions.  It’s very much a weakness; a bit more decisiveness would bring vastly more success. Especially since it seems to be a talent.  When I learned that Google’s corporate motto is “Don’t Be … Continue reading

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Do China next, Mr. President.

I didn’t know about all those Polish death camps.  But I have heard of this Chinese massacre.  Let the Middle Kingdom know it can’t get away with atrocities like that!

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Peter “Tyrion” Dinklage joins the Pantheon of Impeccable Performances.

MacArthur!  The reason for vanishing?  We bought “Game of Thrones” and watched all ten episodes.  Then I watched much of them again, since we (me, bro, German Science Babe) talked a lot during the first viewing. I knew before they … Continue reading

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Remember: those on the Left are not your peers.

Why is it news that some leftist talking head is “uncomfortable” with calling our soldiers “heroes”? A blogger at The Right Sphere, who noted he is a veteran, wrote that he “can’t  quite bring myself to be angry about it.” Good!  Because … Continue reading

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What to remember today.

Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for others.

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We come to clone Reagan, not merely worship Him.

Admit it.  You worship Reagan as a God. Reagan is the right’s Christ, and his sacralization speaks volumes about the character of today’s right-wing insurgents. I realize most of the religious right thinks that Christ is their “Christ”, but who are they to dispute someone as humble … Continue reading

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Spam is mutating again.

The code, not the meat product. On second thought, have you seen the variety of Spam™ lately?  They have Hot n’ Spicy and Jalepeno! Anyway, about the lower-case spam.   Some is now making it past the filters and being offered for … Continue reading

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Debate with the Left is futile, even for Michelle Malkin.

Gee, the MSM still isn’t covering the Brett Kimberlin story.  I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! But on occasion they do invite liberty-loving pundits like the divine Ms. Malkin.  Then there’s the pretense of a rational discussion. Play a thought … Continue reading

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Some advice about avoiding enslavement and eradication.

The Brett Kimberlin thing has awakened many people to the horrible truth that we’re fighting for survival.  Some still try to appeal to the reason of statists. Don’t.  Do something you enjoy, instead. Up until a few years ago, I … Continue reading

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