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AFK all day…

…and about the first thing I ran across was Mikey Bloomberg’s latest profile in courage.  Why is it that nanny-staters are never hot nannies?  Given the right au pair, I might be willing to give up a few liberties.  As … Continue reading

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Snap judgment confirmed yet again!

Your humble host…well, relatively humble…rarely makes quick decisions.  It’s very much a weakness; a bit more decisiveness would bring vastly more success. Especially since it seems to be a talent.  When I learned that Google’s corporate motto is “Don’t Be … Continue reading

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Do China next, Mr. President.

I didn’t know about all those Polish death camps.  But I have heard of this Chinese massacre.  Let the Middle Kingdom know it can’t get away with atrocities like that!

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Peter “Tyrion” Dinklage joins the Pantheon of Impeccable Performances.

MacArthur!  The reason for vanishing?  We bought “Game of Thrones” and watched all ten episodes.  Then I watched much of them again, since we (me, bro, German Science Babe) talked a lot during the first viewing. I knew before they … Continue reading

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Remember: those on the Left are not your peers.

Why is it news that some leftist talking head is “uncomfortable” with calling our soldiers “heroes”? A blogger at The Right Sphere, who noted he is a veteran, wrote that he “can’t  quite bring myself to be angry about it.” Good!  Because … Continue reading

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What to remember today.

Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for others.

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We come to clone Reagan, not merely worship Him.

Admit it.  You worship Reagan as a God. Reagan is the right’s Christ, and his sacralization speaks volumes about the character of today’s right-wing insurgents. I realize most of the religious right thinks that Christ is their “Christ”, but who are they to dispute someone as humble … Continue reading

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