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When did I know that Google is evil?

After hearing that its motto is, “Don’t Be Evil”.  Ipso de facto, obviously Google is evil. It’s like people who regularly say, “Let me be honest with you”.  A shorter term for them is “liars”.  (Following up with assurances of honesty is … Continue reading

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Phobia Phun!

Heard a reference to “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” this morning.  It’s a surprisingly witty and amusing low-budget “horror” movie. It reminded me:  my middle niece is coulrophobic.  Does it make me evil that I offered her $20 to watch … Continue reading

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A man of his word.

Okay, this is as close as I can get to keeping the promise I made in the previous post: It’s still a pretty good performance.

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Five years ago, Congress cut the rates on federal student loans in half. That was a good thing to do. But on July 1st — that’s a little over two months from now — that rate cut expires…That’s basically a … Continue reading

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City mice know better.

Obviously the federal government should ban children from doing chores on their families’ farms. It’s obvious because… …er…children shouldn’t learn about personal resonsibility at an impressionable age?  That would interfere with their ongoing Dept. of Education indoctrination.  Note that it’s the Labor … Continue reading

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If I had a Mormon, he’d look a lot like Mitt Romney.

There’s no hope of Mitt reversing America’s decline.  Still, it’s getting easier and easier to root for him.  First…he’s not John McCain.  Obama would never have become Prez if John hadn’t been terrified of contesting him.  But here’s how Mitt … Continue reading

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Self-medication is obviously needed.

You may be tired of this vid, but it always makes me feel better:

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