Kindle advice?

I’m leaning toward getting one.  Not least because I’m thinking about writing a book for it.  So, is anyone here a Kindle Kid?

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  1. Edohiguma says:

    I was thinking of getting the one with 3G, then I can really get stuff everwhere.

  2. Mycroft says:

    I admit: I am a Kindle fanboy.
    I bought mine 1.5 years ago and love it. I bought my wife one for Christmas. I bought my mother a 3G Kindle because she doesn’t have internet. We recently added a Kindle Fire to try out.
    I am definitely a bibliophile. As I’ve gotten older, I found that after reading all day at work (computer and paper documents) I was getting headaches from eyestrain. With the Kindle, I boost the font size and can still enjoy recreational reading even after a full work day.
    You can get free public-domain books from Gutenberg Press (many are available via Amazon). If you like SF, has a free library of books and short stories to get you hooked on their authors – PLUS, Baen sells their ebooks at lower prices than Amazon.
    Amazon also makes it incredibly easy to self-publish and a lot of people are taking advantage of that – most at $0.99 to $3.99 each. AND you can download a sample prior to purchasing just like you can for ebooks from the mainstream publishers.
    Of course not all is roses. Many mainstream publishers are milking ebooks like a cash cow. You usually have to pay full suggested retail while the paperbacks are often discounted (like they usually are at Walmart and Target). Amazon tried to set a maximum $9.99 price a few years ago and ended up losing the argument to the big publishers.
    My wife and I have the Gen 3 (or keyboard Kindles). They have wifi, but not 3G and the battery lasts 3-5 weeks if you shut the wifi off when not using it. We took them on a cruise last year and had no trouble reading them in direct Caribbean sunlight or in the cabin. I’m still playing with the Fire and like it so far, but find that I’ve been more likely to play games on it than read a book.
    Wow! I should copy this and make it a post on my own blog.

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  4. Ed Hering says:

    Kindle Touch WiFi with Ads here.

    I like it.

    …the only real downer for me is that the battery life is shorter than advertised. Then again, I read for 2-3-4 hours at a time, not the half hour per day that Amazon figured the battery life with. (This is with WiFi turned off, BTW.)

    Ditto on all the free downloads. is also a good place to get freebies, too.

    The touch screen is pretty nice. Readable in all kinds of lighting conditions. Only complaint there is that the “page back” region is awful small for my thick fingers.

  5. TheRealJimT says:

    I, too, have a Kindle Touch WiFi with Ads. Until my mother-in-law bought be one for Christmas, I was an “analog” book guy, a Luddite firm in my belief that the thing couldn’t shake my need to touch a BOOK, to turn pages, to feel.


    In 4.5 months, I’ve read 14 books, half of which are old public domain (Burroughs “John Carter” books, Shelley’s Frankenstein, a few Sherlock Holmes stories), and the other half I purchased. It is, as the kids don’t say anymore, “teh awesome!”

  6. Billy says:

    My Mother likes (liked) hers, but switched to an IPad with a book reading app. May want to compare the two products first.

  7. Mycroft says:

    Just wanted to add:
    I’d had my Kindle 3 (keyboard) just over a year when it started to malfunction. It turned on, then shutdown and wouldn’t come back on. I contacted Amazon’s help desk (chat window) and they walked me through a hard reset that seemed to work. Only the next day (Friday) it failed again. I contacted Amazon again and they shipped me a replacement even though I was a week outside the warranty period.
    I had the replacement on Monday and it took less than 30 minutes to reload all my books (about 50). They even covered postage for the return of the defective unit.

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