I have rational crazy plans.

Please accept this (latest) apology for sporadic posting.  I’m following socio-political current events, just not blogging about them.  Venting steam can keep a lid from blowing, but apparently mine rocketed off when I gave up on Western Civ.  Now I mostly just simmer.   

But last week my boss and I did compare notes on “going postal”.  It’s one of those “quantity vs. quality” arguments.  He has a very specific scenario which culminates in him driving a van-load of screaming churchgoers into the river.  I’m…not sure where that comes from, no.   

Me?  I want to break the record and redefine “going postal” as “going wormme”.  My philosophy is as simple as ABCDEFG:  Atomic Biological Chemical Detonations, Everybody Forever Gone. 

(Dang.  The ol’ brain wants to finish that pattern, which really is nuts.   …Gone (to) Heaven…no, “to” is cheating.   …Gone, Horrible Injuries Justified… Krap.  This ain’t easy.)

Anyway, the moral of the story?  When discussing mass murder plans with your boss, don’t do it in front of people who’ll whine about it to your boss’s boss.  Jerks. 

They’re on the list now…

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to I have rational crazy plans.

  1. Xpat says:

    I cannot at all condone this line of thought . . .

    but I can definitely get behind the idea of creating an alphabetized sequence!

    In my opinion, your sequence stalled because you reached the goal way too early. If you get rid of everyone by the letter “g” what can you do with the rest of the alphabet? All those “l”s and “q”s and “t”s are just standing around twiddling their thumbs.

    Instead, you need to start at the end and work your way back to “a”. For instance:

    Ultimate Venting, Worldwide Xenophobic Yield: Zero

    Then, just add the words one by one until you get back to ABCD

    We’ll make a deep environmentalist out of you yet!

    • wormme says:

      You can’t condone this line of thought?! How do you think stories get created? Geez, I can’t begin to number the deaths I’ve committed in my imagination. I also had an awesome plan for taking over an actual nuclear plant with an inside man/outside team combo.

      What I will never share are otherwise-unknown torture techniques my brain came up with (unasked). Those will never go into anything I write.

      And one reason I prefer creating sci-fi/fantasy stories is that copycat psychos rarely succeed at imitating the powers of mutants, vampires, and aliens.

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