Barry is to Asians as Mugabe is to Caucasians.

They keep dropping their masks.  Yay!  After all, what could be better for black D.C. residents than running off the successful businesses?  It worked so well for Zimbabwe.

Personally, I prefer a formal Balkanization of the continent over a pretend “United” States where public officials can get away with fomenting race war.  But I have a counteroffer:  drag Marion Barry through the nastiest streets of D.C. behind a thoroughbred high on crack cocaine.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to Barry is to Asians as Mugabe is to Caucasians.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    This works in step with what Obama’s father (or was it grandfather, it’s hard to keep those red fascists apart) wrote in his book: take the businesses away from the “yellow peril” and give them to the blacks.

    They did the same in Zimbabwe. It used to be the breadbasket of Africa. But the fascists there took the farms away from the “evil white” ™ farmers (you know, the people with the knowledge of how to run a farm) and gave it to black folks (who had no knowledge of this at all.) Now Zimbabwe is a hellhole with poverty going out of control and farmland deteriorating en masse. And of course, everyone is blaming “evil white” ™ people for it.

    It’s funny though. Looking at the world it seems that the “yellow” and the “white race” are doing pretty fine and have been doing so for thousands of years, while the “black race” is… well… It’s very interesting.

    • wormme says:

      Also, and not to bad-mouth your native language, but the English tongue seems to have been a great transmitter of human rights. Former English colonies, of whatever race, tend to do better than non-English ones. Hong Kong vastly outdoes China, per capita.

      Too bad the Anglosphere itself is betraying its heritage.

      • Edohiguma says:

        That goes hand in hand with the US being the dominant power after WW2. English is also relatively easy to learn (far easier than German) and, together with the US being as dominant is it was, that certainly helped a lot.

        And I hate German as a language. So…

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