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“Social science” is neither social nor science.

Here’s the latest. Scientists have revealed one of the reasons why some folks are less religious than others: They think more analytically, rather than going with their gut. You’re groaning, “Oh god, wormme’s on another theology rant.  Run for it!”  … Continue reading

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A mighty warrior he.

So Bill Clinton’s latest cock-a-doodle-dooing is about how hard he went after bin Laden.  Uh-huh. Something else that needs pointing out:   his administration was the one that made “regime change” in Iraq the official U.S. policy.  Then he never did anything about … Continue reading

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Irony is soooooo ironic.

Holy crap, it’s after three in the morning and I’m still reading tvtropes.  The irony page.  The irony, the irony.  Is is boggling, how difficult the concept is to define?  Or is it obvious?  Or… …is it ironic? Naturally, they got snagged by … Continue reading

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How about saying a prayer for xkcd?

Compassion is a perfectly fine substitute for our non-praying folks. xkcd is a brilliant comic and one of the best things on the internet.  Just happened to click on the latest one: Here’s the explanation. God be with them.

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The money bubble.

midwest bill’s comment made me think of the phrase “money bubble”.  I hadn’t seen it around yet, but didn’t really think we’d get the chance to start it. He was saying this 2 1/2 years ago.  But it’s not really … Continue reading

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I seem to be repeating myself as I get older, and repeating myself.

Seeing this article got me to humming “Glory, glory hallelujah…”.  Started an entry about it, then thought to search past diggings in the wormhole.  Yep.  Echo echo echo… And as Instapundit noted, the point remains the same.  The more childish … Continue reading

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Can the federal government default on its debt to the federal government?

This Hewitt/Steyn exchange reminded me of something interesting:  61% of federal debt was actually bought by…the Federal Reserve. When our system eventually (i.e., soon) goes belly up, shouldn’t the Federal Reserve be the last creditor in line?  Especially in a … Continue reading

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When did I know that Google is evil?

After hearing that its motto is, “Don’t Be Evil”.  Ipso de facto, obviously Google is evil. It’s like people who regularly say, “Let me be honest with you”.  A shorter term for them is “liars”.  (Following up with assurances of honesty is … Continue reading

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Phobia Phun!

Heard a reference to “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” this morning.  It’s a surprisingly witty and amusing low-budget “horror” movie. It reminded me:  my middle niece is coulrophobic.  Does it make me evil that I offered her $20 to watch … Continue reading

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A man of his word.

Okay, this is as close as I can get to keeping the promise I made in the previous post: It’s still a pretty good performance.

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