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Hey, we’re the center of the universe again!

I’d almost forgotten. Witness: Can you see me?  I’m waving! We are indeed at the very center of the (observable) universe.  True, that universe is defined by distance—a comoving distance of 14 billion parsecs.  And so it would seem to all … Continue reading

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World-class maroon.

Via Insty, a “scientific” call for totalitarian world government.  To save the planet, of course.  If I had it to do over…I would scale back on the nuclear fusion and clean coal, instead devoting at least half of the available … Continue reading

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Explode half a “Little Boy” in Washington D.C….

…this is what you get. It’s an excellent summary of an urban nuclear detonation.  And here’s the full report if it interests you.  At 10-kT (equivalent explosion to ten thousand tons of TNT), this is either a “suitcase” nuke scenario or a relatively crude … Continue reading

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“The more things change…”

…the more Jews need to get the hell out of “civilized” nations. The Israeli Foreign Ministry, by contrast, expressing shock over the attack, Yep.  Shocking. “There is no Jewish future in France,” Katz, of the National Union party, said, adding … Continue reading

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Some are born great…

…some have greatness thrust upon them. If anyone actually misses all the current events’ commentary these days, sorry for the absence.  It’s just too infuriating right now.

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What’s your totem animal?

Here’s mine: D.B. Platypus just doesn’t fit in anywhere.  Not with fish nor fowl nor beasts.  Oddball!  Platypus is alone in a crowd; it’s different from every other thing around it. Of course, Platy is infinitely cuter than poor little ol’ … Continue reading

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Won’t bother with links to two pretty good shows.

Trying to get some money’s worth out of a new online Netflix subscription.  Mostly watching South Park, but O.D.ed on it briefly.  So it’s been Mad Men and 30 Rock over the weekend. My big problem with Mad Men is … Continue reading

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Yes, I noticed the emerging theme myself.

So here.  And here, which is even better. You know what I’m talking about, baby…marula party!   

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Now face my champion!

What, Breitbart didn’t scare you off?!  I’m too busy to deal with you right now, so here’s my designated representative: Thanks to the Cheezburger Meme Factory, of course.

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Choosing sides.

xpat asked why Chiaki got a half-dozen glam-pics and the German Science Babe got a drunken squirrel.  I’d love to feature some cool photos of the GSB, but she’s a pretty private person.  I’m afraid to even ask permission. So I’ll … Continue reading

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