Is Obama the most narcissistic person ever?

Haven’t been following the news, don’t know any details of this Trayvon Martin shooting.  But,

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said in his first comments about the shooting,

His first comment?  Really?  Hmm.  The entire thought was about Barack, true, but the “I” was only his second word.  And his next batch of 28 words…

“Obviously, this is a tragedy,” Obama told reporters. “I can only imagine what these parents are going through. And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”

…contained only three “I”‘s and one “my”, so self-references consisted of less than 15% of the total verbiage.  Then again, every single thing spoken is still all about him.  Barack couldn’t even acknowledge the horror without the “obviously” editorial.

Maybe he isn’t the all-time champ at self-worship.  Possibly some pharoahs or the nuttier Caesars were worse.  But obviously Obama is a very sick person.

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3 Responses to Is Obama the most narcissistic person ever?

  1. midwest bill says:

    He is a narcissist … this seems like just another chance to campaign on someone’s tragedy.

    This may have been scripted for him … trying to paint over his actual callousness. “From his high perch, Saint Obama reaches down and emotes care and is so humble as to say his son would look like Trayvon.” How noble of this lightworker, to offer words of comfort to mere mortals. heh

  2. midwest bill says:

    As with the Duke Lacrosse team … guilty by media and faculty, because they were white and the “victim” was black … the story was famous only because the racial optics fit the major media preferred narrative of the evil white man. But they were fortunately later exonerated.

    and have you seen the real pics of Trayvon, not the more innocent pic of him as a 12 year old?
    He was a 6’2″ football player, gold teeth, doing what looks like gang signs.

    This shooting happened a month ago … it took time for Obama and his team in the media to put together their plan to push this theme, and make it the latest racial hot story, since the sliming of Rush and the right’s “war on women” was dying down. sheesh

  3. Luna says:

    Though protesteth too much.

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