…my peeps, my homies, my droogies…miss me?  It wasn’t planned. 

Friday: we lost power for half the night.  I burnt about a gallon of gas running my car while reading by domelight.

Saturday:  My parents visited unexpectedly, seeing their great-granddaughter for the first time.  Played ‘em a few old youtube faves like this:

And my niece pointed out a wildly popular one I’d somehow missed:

Sunday:  Sunday…I guess…no blogging because…I didn’t read news nor get on the computer?  That might have contributed. 

I did watch a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise.  And if you guess that I like Vulcan babe Jolene Blaylock…

…you guessed right.  And yet the best character on the show is Phlox.  He steals every scene from everyone else, every time.  Nice guy, but don’t wake him up too early:

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5 Responses to Heyyyyyy…

  1. Sue says:

    Phlox is hilarious! It’s a good thing the character doesn’t need to sleep very often…

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Tentpole, pardon, T’pol is the lousiest Vulcan ever, IMO. Even Tuvok was better and he was at times totally unsufferable.

    And Phlox is a recycled Cardassian.

    Plus, the biggest issue with Enterprise: they went on about how they will need a linguist and will go for the whole development of the universial communicator, but in the end everybody in the galaxy spoke English anyway.

    Yeah, I tend to count Enterprise as worse than Voyager, which makes it the worst Trek series so far.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah, the whole show is spotty in the logic department. Language, communications (sometimes they hit wall buttons to speak, sometimes they don’t), etc. etc.

      Still, it’s free with no commercials, I do find Phlox engaging, and Scott Bakula is his usual likable self. So, a slight bargain for the price.

      • Edohiguma says:

        The best thing about it to me was the dog. SO CUTE!!!!!

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