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That which does not kill me is still a bummer.

Have now been root canalled (canaled?).  As the numbness goes away there’s considerable soreness, but no stabbing pains.  Fingers crossed.  But I still have five days of antibiotics which must be taken every six hours.  Without fail.  Sleep be damned, … Continue reading

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Totally boring and nerve-wracking work.

I’ve covered nuclear divers before.  It’s a lot like descriptions of war: vast stretches of boredom punctuated by moments of complete terror.  Will give more details sometime when I’m not a medical experiment.

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Tooth acre update.

So…ever-escalating agony throughout yesterday.  Specialist seen in the afternoon.  Root canal scheduled for tomorrow, after powerful antibiotics are taken every six hours without fail.  Given how the midnight antibiotics sat in my stomach, I got three or four hours’ sleep … Continue reading

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WORM molar mystery.

Thank you for the commiserations.  Managed to see the dentist this morning.  He couldn’t find anything, so it’s off to an endodontist tomorrow.  Will be picking up some pain  medicine (“Lorcet Plus”) shortly.  So if my pain gets as bad as it did at 3:00 this morning, do not expect … Continue reading

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Owwee owwee owwee.

Jaw/dental pain started Saturday evening.  Left lower jaw, the site of recent dental work. Having no decent analgesics on hand, have been drinking much wine today.  Am assuming text/prose is therefore compromised.  Edit mode reveals apparant emulation of a terse geek Ernest … Continue reading

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WORMs DO have emotions, you know (sniff).

When you put reason above emotion, you have reason and emotion.  But elevating  emotion over reason doesn’t give you feelings and reason.  What you get is emotion and rationalization. Most people have sharply  defined areas where they are rational and reasonable.  Look, and you’ll see that the … Continue reading

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Is Obama the most narcissistic person ever?

Haven’t been following the news, don’t know any details of this Trayvon Martin shooting.  But, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said in his first comments about the shooting, His first comment?  Really?  Hmm.  The entire thought … Continue reading

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Disappeared again.

We’ve been shorthanded and busy at work this week, so I’ve been shirkhanded and lazy at home.  Was watching more 30 Rock and now they have had Al Gore as a guest…twice… Using Hollywood magic to disguise his malevolence and hippocrisy hypocrisy, of course.  … Continue reading

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Ugh spelling.

Watching 30 Rock just now, I finally understood why black people and white shouldn’t get together. Mingling “black and white” gives “whack” and “blight” (actually “blite”, which is blight lite).  So let us never share genes again.  Anything for grammar!

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A goddess of the ‘Net, remembered.

Amy Alkon recalls Cathy Siepp, who died five years ago.  Cathy’s smart and lovely daughter has preserved her Mom’s sites and writings.  They are absolutely worth a look, and if you like Cathy’s cranky yet caring style of writing you will … Continue reading

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