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Pithy statist policy.

I’m mostly avoiding politics because it keeps enraging me.  But this statement seems a pretty good summary: A Democrat is someone who insists we subsidize education to increase it and subsidize poverty to decrease it. Of course, “Democrat” is waaaaay too limited.  The Republican establishment espouses the … Continue reading

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Happy holiday.

Today is this day.  Use the knowledge well.

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Recliner potato needs to “get cut”.

I got this Roku on Friday.  It is the $100 wedding ring which marries my Amazon Prime account with my 65″ T.V.  (I’m now watching Lost.)  So…any recommendations on combining exercise with watching T.V.?   What’s best, or anyway the least boring? Since giving up on women … Continue reading

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One of these things is not like the others.

There’s nothing quite like wearing your religion on your sleeve, is there?  Ahhh, the sweetness of “green” sanctimony. Now, back to playing Sherlock with more difficult mysteries:

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The NBA needs a slam-dunking Japanese player.

You guys have heard about new basketball sensation Jeremy Lin?  Chinese enthnicity, Harvard education, genuine statistical outlier.  Everybody’s trying waaaay too hard to come up with puns—“Lincredible”, “Linsanity”, etc.  So it was inevitable that someone would try “chink in the armor”.  … Continue reading

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The U.S.S. DarwinWasWrong.

In the analog days, Cracked magazine never quite had the cachet of Mad.  (“Cachet” perhaps not being the appropriate word.)   But Cracked online is one of the funniest sites on the InterWeb.  It is also surprisingly informative and inexplicably accessible through my employer’s firewall (ie., beware of … Continue reading

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You’re in the (Atomic) Army now.

I entered the commerical nuke business in 1984 in my early twenties.  One older tech I learned from had also been a “meter swinger” as a twenty-something.  One of his first jobs?  Surveying Army guys after stuff like this: Were … Continue reading

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