Where are prophets without honor, again?

Their own country, right.  Except that implies that your host and invertebrate Cassandra is honored elsewhere.  Nope.

What’s with the bragging?  Well…I’m not a journalist.  It’s just now dawning on this dude that Obama will probably be tapping the oil reserve come election season.  Ooooh, such forward thinking!  Wish we’d thought of that ten months ago

Your comments were also prophetic.  MAW pointed out the “sticky note” campaign, which is still going on.  So hooray for us!  We spot those cliffs long before toppling over them.

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2 Responses to Where are prophets without honor, again?

  1. blake says:

    Stalin had his mythical “wreckers” and we have those evil “speculators.”

    I’m not really seeing much of a difference.

    Hey, and I’m not even violating “Godwin’s law” by bringing up the issue.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Political animals all work the same way. It’s like with lions, who have a certain pattern of behavior, or ants. The politicians are the same. It’s just a simple 1+1=2 really.

    Obama will win, not because he’s so great and such a brilliant leader (lol), but simply because the opposition is a joke.

    Also, the grumpy old sailor over at Piccolo’s Hash nailed it with Santorum a short time ago: http://piccoloshash.blogspot.com/2012/02/talking-your-way-out-of-presidency.html

    That’s the thing with Saint Rick 2.0 (1.0 was Perry, remember how they all went crazy over him, oh he was almost the next messiah for the hardcore Right, similar to how Obama was the next messiah for the hardcore Left, the idiocy on both sides is amazing.) He talks about social issues, talks about morals, blablabla yadda yadda yadda… but uh… Well, ok, I admit, him shoving his religion into everybody’s face doesn’t sit well with me, and his comments on privacy are simply outrageous in my opinion, but the general point here would be: if I’m not sure whether I will still have my job next month or not, will I really give a crap about first amendment? About the catholic church having to handout condoms? About what my gay neighbor might do with his partner in his bedroom across the street?

    No. I won’t.

    I will be worried about my job. About my life. About how to pay my bills, how to feed my family. That will be my number one issue. Gay marriage? Condoms? First amendment? If I can’t feed my family, why does anyone think that any of these topics would be even of remote interest for me?

    That’s what all the GOP candidates don’t get. They cater to the fringe group of evangelicals and self-rightous asshats, who think they’re on the moral high ground and because of their constant groveling in front of their imaginary friend their farts don’t stink, somewhere on the flank and don’t give a rat’s ass about the working people. That sounds familiar. Oh yeah, wait, the entire political machinery works like that. The Democrats are just as bad. Catering to minorities and pissing on the working tax payer. Left wing, Right wing, they’re both masters at that. In the US, in the EU.

    Also, what was it that I heard? Tea Party favorite Brewer endorsed Romney? I wonder how the Tea Party Führer cult around her is now working out. I mean, she was The Woman when she poked her naked finger into Obama’s face a few weeks back. And now she supports Mittens. Whoops. Oh wait, I already saw bumper stickers “Brewer? Screw’er!” Surprise, surprise.

    Though, I feel the Führer cult on the Right is worse than on the Left. The Left has Obama, sort of. Not all commies are happy with him, since they feel he’s not radical enough. On the Right? Saint Sarah, that didn’t work out (well duh.) Saint Rick 1.0, that didn’t work out (what a surprise, not; I still love his one ad where he whined about how gay service members could now serve openly in the military and how bad that was, he defended a Clinton policy, hillarious.) Saint Rick 2.0, that won’t work out either. The desparation is amazing. Instead of bringing a reasonable, electable candidate, who could swing the independents, they bring a row of jackasses, who put off all the independents. Smart move. Not.

    Face it, in the US I’d be an independent voter. Right now, with the options I’d have, I wouldn’t vote in November.

    Sure, I could vote against Obama, and put Romney into the WH. Romney, that’s basically the white Obama with a few more bucks in his pocket. Yeah, not really an alternative if you ask me. Or vote Santorum, who’ll then legislate what I do in my bedroom. Heck no.

    Or Neville Chamberlain. Pardon, Ron Paul.

    Not a single, electable candidate in sight. Not one. Sounds remarkably like in any random EU country, really.

    Political animals. They’re so good at fooling the sheeple. Seriously, for that alone I have to applaud them. Fooling so many people at once, it’s amazing. Fooling them all over again and again, on a regular basis, that’s just genius.

    Or the people are really as stupid as Hitler said they were.

    My Texan friend’s family owns a small metal working business. Maybe I can get them to start building guillotines. At this rate we’ll need them very soon. And many of them. For both sides of the fence.

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