Hobos and whiners.

Spent the weekend getting my money’s worth out of the new Roku.  Several MST3K episodes kept me happy.  But then I ruined my Crow/Tom Servo buzz by watching Hobo with a Shotgun.  DO NOT WATCH HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!  I saw it for fee, which was waaaay too high a price.  You need to get paid at least twenty bucks to sit through that abomination. 

Now, belated weekend news.  Instapundit featured a great joke about polite discourse.   The punchline?  The writer’s pen name is “troubadour”.  Bwah ha ha ha!  Sing us another s**tty ditty, whiner!   

My response to this crud is now reflexive:  “Irreconcilable differences!”  Let’s offer to go our separate ways.  When they sputter over the idea (knowing they lose the taxpayers while keeping the parasites), ask why they insist upon another Civil War.  Dehumanizing your opponents and preventing their departure ensures conflict.  Then ask these leftists if they’re aware that their “evil” enemies are both vastly better armed and in control of the country’s food supplies.   Civil War II will not drag on the way the first one did.

Of course, that assumes you can stand to interact with them.  I can’t.  Although it would be fun to watch “troubadour” trying to describe me, after learning that I also hate the Republican Party..for being too socialist.  You’d need a spit guard for all the flying spittle.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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  1. blake says:

    I think Crow had the classic line, something along the lines of: “My parts could have been used for something useful, like a vacuum cleaner. Instead, our movies suck!”

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