The NBA needs a slam-dunking Japanese player.

You guys have heard about new basketball sensation Jeremy Lin?  Chinese enthnicity, Harvard education, genuine statistical outlier.  Everybody’s trying waaaay too hard to come up with puns—“Lincredible”, “Linsanity”, etc. 

So it was inevitable that someone would try “chink in the armor”.  Bwah ha ha ha!  God, that’s funny pathetic.  Apparently they claim it was an accident.  Professional writers who don’t know that “chink” is derogatory?  Okay, fire them for ignorance instead of malice.   

Anyway, about that high-jumping Japanese player.  Just imagine it!

There’s a real Nip in the air tonight! 

That’s pure awesome.  Now we just need an illegal Mexican immigrant to become an Olympic swimmer.

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2 Responses to The NBA needs a slam-dunking Japanese player.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Rugby is more popular than basketball in Japan. We’ll more likely see a Japanese player in a rugby pro league or Aussie rule football than in basketball.

    Baseball on the other hand has been highly popular since it was first introduced.

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