Recliner potato needs to “get cut”.

I got this Roku on Friday.  It is the $100 wedding ring which marries my Amazon Prime account with my 65″ T.V.  (I’m now watching Lost.)  So…any recommendations on combining exercise with watching T.V.?   What’s best, or anyway the least boring?

Since giving up on women five years ago I’m now in the worst shape of my life.   But if I combined even mild exercise with current media consumption?  It wouldn’t take very long to come back, even with advancing age and dwindling testosterone.

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  1. Billy says:

    Stationary bike – a good one. 9 years ago I purchased a nice, comfortable stationary bike – for about $2000. Very high end. Been riding it 25 minutes at a time, twice a day, 6 days a week for those 9 years, all while watching TV. For many years, Dr Who was most watched (I have all the first 7 Dr Who’s) . Takes about a year to get through them all. Recently switched to 24. Am on season 7 now.

    Biking is required exercise for my knees but helps all around. After a 25 minute session, of course stretch and do a set or two of push-ups. So 30 minutes altogether.

    I Tend to ride slow for 1 minute, fast for 2, and even faster for another 2. Repeat the 5 minute set 4 more times.

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