Magical “thinking”.

Working this weekend, for a fellow tech whose wife just had serious surgery.  It’s pretty slow here right now.  Unfortunately I still can’t do much blogging, because, well…what is there to say? 

The U.S. government is enslaving each of us another $4,500 this year, chaining us down with individual debt of over $50,000 per person.  So what’s the big topic of conversation?  The moral necessity of providing “free” contraception to women.  “Free”.  Free!  Our self-worshipping idiot of a President uses the word “free” while discussing economic matters…and gets away with it.   

Tanstaafl tanstaafl TANSTAAFL!  This calls for an open letter: 

Dear Lil’ Barack,

Where did the babysitters go?  Are all of Washington’s grown-ups gone?  It sounds like there’s no one left but you and your widdle friends, all playing make believe.  And that’s some imagination you have!  You’re Basketball’s Bestest and the Superest Salesman and the Awesomest Assassin and everything else all at once!  I bet you could play Cowboys and Indians by yourself and win both sides!

The problem, lil’ feller, is that now you’re promising “free” things to other children.  That’s not nice, and you have to stop.  There are no “free” things, all because of those Thermo Meanies.  I know, you want to beat them up like you did Big bin Bad Laden.  You sure killed him, wheee! 

But Barack…there’s a difference between a psycho renal-failing fugitive and the Laws of Thermodynamics.  Please don’t pout.  You still have lots of things to play with!  But the physical constraints and limitations of the universe, they’re…well, they’re just not toys.

If you want to keep telling stories, Barack, you should listen to Malachai Nicolle’s!  He writes Axe Cop and is seven years old!  So if you try really hard maybe years from now your stories will be as exciting and believable as Malachai’s.  

I’m sorry if that makes you cry.  But telling people you can give them “free” things isn’t very nice.  Now have a safe and happy childhood, and good luck growing up!

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3 Responses to Magical “thinking”.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I could also construe a sexist intention in this whole “Contraceptive Affair”, because… it’s all about free contraception for… women. Why do women need free contraception and men don’t? It suggests that women are incapable of getting contraception themselves, which fits perfectly into the whole “emancipation of women”, which, when you bother to actually dissect it, has done nothing to emancipate women, but has brought them deeper under control of corrupt men.

    Abortion was hailed as another one of those tools for the emancipation, but what I’ve heard a bazillion times is this: the guy tells the gal “If you get pregnant, get an abortion”, and the gal obeys.

    Well done feminists. 40 years later you have achieved absolutely nothing, and only support a holocaust of the unborn with the lie of “women’s rights.” The suffragettes fought for women’s rights. They were brave women. The feminists from the 1968s and their “authors” (like Alice Schwarzer) and other “activists” fight only for power, because they’re ultimately fascists.

    Finally, I know plenty of feminists love the one child policy of China. The left in general is so amazed by it. Of course one of the arguments in favor of this policy is the claimed over population, yet with our actual technology we could easily take care of roughly 15 billion humans. The problem is that most governments are dictatorships and run by people who don’t give a damn about anything else than their own comfy chairs, something especially rampant in socialist countries and countries under control of islam (how strange, the two things the left loves so much are the two things that cause most harm, oh wait, not really strange, it’s part of the program.)

    Let’s note here that the Chinese one child policy for once doesn’t work at all (the Chinese population is growing), secondly in some areas sex crime is utterly out of control, and China has butchered some 15 million baby girls simply because they were girls. As a result China is running out of women, which leads to the second point mentioned above. The Chinese population, as a result, is unhealthy. Even the mass murdering, nationalistic left wing nutjob Hitler understood that a people doesn’t become extinct by a lack of men, but by a lack of women. But I guess that’s the goal, at least in Germany. The left there hates Germany and wants it to become extinct. Reasoning? Oh, the usual. Hitler. Yep, they reduce more than 1,000 years of German history to one guy and not even 20 years. They so smaaaaaaart! Not.

    I always enjoy it when women like my ex-girlfriend Naoko, or other very good friends of mine, who were all three very successful at their jobs and who have better education than the average Feminazi, decide to have children. Two had their first kids (one girl and one boy respectively) last year and the third got her third daughter last year (and under China’s one child policy, which the left loves so much, that baby girl would have been murdered right away.)

  2. defendUSA says:

    Sadly, the other thing that the statists are famous for is believing that BECAUSE it’s “free,” it automatically means that people are going to use it. Really? So unwanted pregancies and abortion rates are going to drop to the lowest in forever, yes?
    Meh. Not so much. This is the same fallacy that goes with the free condoms and hypodermic needles to help stop the spread of HIV. While it may have lowered rates, not everyone infected acted responsibly, did they? (But condoms are free, and so are the needles!)
    Or, better yet…there are millions of people who choose not to buy healthcare insurance. And there are millions more who could certainly qualify for medicaid and food stamps and never apply. The safety nets are already there and yet…women will still go ahead have have several abortions and several full term pregnancies. It just blows my mind that the left is swallowing the meme that the GOP hates women because of this…There is a poster out there somewhere that says: Corporations are people…and then a drawing of the female reproductive system in simplest form. Underneath that it says: Women not so much.
    Of course it was meant to inflame and the left-minded thinkers do not understand, it is not about the women. It is about economic and religious freedom and the infringement of the individual to make the choices that are responsible.

  3. SeanB says:

    On the abortion debate, there are “doctors” here who perform abortions at any time, up to 9 months. Back room, illegal, unhygienic. The health system does purport to perform them free, but of course in only the first trimester. As many of those who get pregnant are schoolgirls ( police here raided a place last week, and pulled out a lot of underage girls, including a 12yo who was very pregnant, kept as sex slaves) and who are not well educated about sex and contraception, many do not find out until they are 6 months plus. Condoms are available free, but many will not use them, as they do not like to do so. ARV’s are also free from the state health care system ( when available and if you are down to a walking skeleton).

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