You’re very welcome, now be fruitful and multiply.

Our office’s single lady technician is dirty-minded but not single-minded.  Her latest email offering was this beautiful “thank you” from Japan:

But it’s painful to see a Rising Sun infant and know he’s the exception, not the rule.  Any signs that Japan is becoming more fertile and leaving the demographic desert?

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1 Response to You’re very welcome, now be fruitful and multiply.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’m going to rain on the parade.

    Notice how “arigatou” in the title of the video is spelled wrong…

    Why hype this Taylor chick so much? She got killed because she ignored the friggin’ tsunami warning. It was her own damn fault.

    Ambassador Roos is an incompetent jackass. That’s all I say about him. My cat was more qualified for this job.

    The sailors and Marines? Of course they’re first on the ground. They always are. Semper Fi.

    Interesting, the German THW is in the video, yet they ran away, fled, and abandoned their mission. See my earlier translation “Apocalypse Now”.

    And according to recent research, this quake was not “it”. The “Big” one for Tokyo is expected to hit within the next 30 years, give or take a few. So that means the faster I get done with university, the quicker I can be there.

    As for the demographics, no, doesn’t look too rosy. Though, it’s like that everywhere. Japan is merely spearheading it.

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