Fine…hear my grumble!

Okay…maybe rather than full hibernation, I’ll grumpily emerge from the cave on rare occasions and growl.  But only for things no normal person could care about. 

I’m finally watching the first season of “24”.  There’s much to like about it, but it’s incredibly infuriating.  I can suspend disbelief for aliens, vampires…even sparkly vampires.  But not for fiendishly complicated plans on exacting timetables that require everyone to behave and react exactly as predicted.  Visualization of the Cosmic All is for Arisians and the Kinnison kids, not human terrorists.  The predictitus is so bad it’s almost killed “24”  already, and it’s still only 8:00 in the morning.

Also, I’m not happy with the budget cuts for Ghost Rider 2. 

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to Fine…hear my grumble!

  1. SDH says:

    Grumpy or not, good to have you around.

  2. blake says:

    I’ll pay you to take our copy of “Cowboys and Aliens” off our hands.

    Talk about a cinematic tour de crap.

  3. Xpat says:

    Worme, a complete linguistic assessment of our exchange has been completed. The semantimeter readings showed barely detectable trace elements of “actual offense” and perceptible but non-threatening levels of “perceived offense.” Neither pose short or long term risks even with prolonged exposure. However, some of my own comments measured dangerously high on the hysteria index (HI). Unfortunately, we have had to cordon those areas off, and have also directed local residents to evacuate several paragraphs for an indefinite period. The International Oversight and Coordinating Committee on Linguistic Emissions (IOCCLE) has ruled that the HI was and remains sufficiently high to justify exasperation regarding Worme-Human Linguistic Interface (WHLI). The committee supports but does not require a decision by Worme to burrow, with or without somnolence. All negative impact to the community arising from any resulting Worme moratorium is to be reported by participating members directly at Xpat unit. End of report.

    • wormme says:

      No “short or long term risks” when you’ve contracted jargonitis?! The Watered-Down-Exclamation-of-Hell you say!

      (Actually, that was a pretty entry in the “Bloodless Tech Summary” department.

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