PSA for Wormme:

Go back and read Xpat’s replies!

Oh, for goodness’ sake Worme, you didn’t offend me, even a little.

Now you be offended, Wormme, I’m calling you out on your own blog! /taunt

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4 Responses to PSA for Wormme:

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Sh*t just got serious!


  2. Rana says:

    He’s in Tahiti, don’t let him fool you.

  3. Xpat says:

    Worme deserves Tahiti! Alternately, something Bahaman or Caribbean, which would be closer.

    Though not offended, my reactions were hysterical enough that Worme’s emotional exhaustion must be both genuine and justified. Therefore, he deserves rest.

    That doesn’t solve the problem of the Worme post lacuna, not does it address the unpleasant reality of my being the cause of it. However, I propose a solution: I hereby take full responsibility for the Worme-rest, and give everybody the right to pile on me. The emotional satisfaction of doing that might make take some of the edge off Worme not being around until such time as he returns.

    It’s not ideal, but I can see no other solution.

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