Militant Narcissism

Marxism, Communism, National Socialism, fascism,  the United Nations, “environmentalism”.  And now, most recently, “fairness”.

What do they all have in common?  The root cause.  Each is driven by the same  subconscious belief.  It is an idea–utopianism–in three parts.  The unholy trinity of  Militant Narcissism:

You must do as I say because I know better and it is for the greater good.

It is the knowledge that everything isn’t perfect, the inchoate certainty that it should be…and the insanity that it can be.  All will be perfect, believes the utopian…when he controls all.

Everything else in modern ideology is rationalization.  Everything utopians say is a pack of lies created, told, and believed by them.  Militant Narcissism is like sand in an oyster.  It can’t just sit there, be seen for what it is.  How could they ever get their way then?

You must do as I say-

No, we don’t.

-because I know better-

No, you don’t.

-and it’s for the greater good.

No, it isn’t.

They come very close to saying exactly that.  But even in their mad self-worship they know it isn’t enough.  So they cast about for a problem–capitalists, das Judenkind, SUVs–to which they claim the solution.

And so utopianism inspires ideology as sand provokes a mollusc’s mucus.  But think of these beliefs as vehicles, not pearls.  With modern isms it doesn’t matter if you’re in a German sedan or a North Korean clown car.  Look under any hood and you’ll find the same infernal, implacable engine.

You must do as I say because I know better and it is for the greater good.

That is the utopians’ motive force.  As for the chassis, the wheels, the interior?  Trivia; nothing but taste and style.  Marx’s design is so popular that numerous vehicles are still built from it.   (And, as always, the next one will finally perform as advertised.)

These trappings are trivial because few Militant Narcissists care about them.  The journey isn’t about the vehicle, it’s about them and their fellow travellers.  It’s about…looking cool.  Cruising with the top down, checking yourselves out in the mirror, cooing over how amazingly gorgeous and wonderful you all are.

Pathetic, yes.  But that’s not the problem.  The problem isn’t the narcissism.  Narcissus didn’t care about your carbon footprint.  He didn’t trouble anyone but Nemesis.  But utopians differ from him the way a malignant tumor differs from a benign one.  They are militant.  They don’t just crave worship, they demand it. 

Their trinity of lies isn’t just hideous.  It is absurd.  There is not a single fact to support it.   Any understanding of history or humanity invalidates the theory.  And in practice utopianism murdered more people in one century than is recorded in all the ones before.  

Utopianism is beyond stupid and is denied by all existence.  And yet it thrives more than ever; it has become the dominant force of Western “Civilization”.   Why?  Because it is both virus and drug, contagion and addiction.  And there is no part of the mind it doesn’t infect and intoxicate.

You must do as I say, claims the id;

I know better, exclaims the ego;

For the greater good, declaims the superego.

The idea is impossible.  But it is also half Ebola virus, half crack cocaine.  And once contracted, utopianism is almost impossible to cure.  It is solipsistic; all outcomes reinforce it.  If you join the utopian, you prove him right.  If you resist…you show him where the imperfection is.

Narcissists feel their world should be flawless, but know it isn’t.  Militant Narcissists grit their teeth and say grimly, “oh, but it will be.”

Insane, yes.  But very powerful, and immune to outside pressure.  Utopians are like Terminators:  they don’t give up.  They barrel forward in their pride, oblivious to the dings and fenderbenders of their own mistakes.  When necessary they’ll toss on a fresh coat of paint, change license plates, visit the body shop.  It is only when the ride finally–inevitably–crashes and burns that they’ll consider changing vehicles.  To do otherwise is to admit mistake, which threatens their core belief.

There’s no better example of this madness than “environmentalism”.  These utopians had a very smooth, very profitable ride in the 1990’s when the license plate was “Global Warming”.  Then the wheels started coming off.  First, inconveniently, the globe stopped warming.  Of course, “that’s weather, not climate”.

But then the Hockey Stick was proven hokum, methodologies were proven skewed, data was shown to be cherry-picked.   Then the lies and false doctrines of their high priests were discovered and revealed to the world.

Time to change vehicles?  Not when you can just flip the license plate.  Though “Global Warming” is still used whenever a locale has a heat wave.  (That’s climate, not weather.)  Now utopians begin to favor “Climate Change”.

Think about that.  The climate changes, it has always changed.  Even–gasp–prior to the internal combustion engine.  Now environmentalists want it to stop.  They seek to impose on nature the most unnatural change imaginable.

How will they react if you point this out?  The way you would if someone keyed your car.  “You scratched my paint!”  Very few of them will know how to repair the damage, but they all know who to blame.

But if enough people point out the flaw, utopians have to pretend to care.  They’ll send out credentialed repairmen to say, “Obviously, we mean anthropogenic climate change”.  The implication being that you are ignorant and they are perfect.  Heads I win, tails you lose. 

Now utterly destroy their policies.  Say, “then obviously we need to increase our carbon footprint whenever it gets colder”.  How do they react?  Exactly as you would if someone bashed in your windshield.  

Logic is useless against utopians because they do not reason, they rationalize.  They move away from conclusions, not toward them.  And as the immortal couplet says,

A man convinced against his will,

Is of the same opinion still.

This is what we are up against. 

On the one hand, today’s utopians aren’t as murderous as last century’s…yet.  On the other, terrifying hand…they are banding together.  Once upon a time, utopians opposed each other.  Hitler and Stalin played bumper cars with National Socialism and Communism, then tried to force each other off a cliff.   

But today’s utopians—the Ruling Class, the EU, the United Nations, environmentalists—are teaming up.  It can’t last, of course.  They must turn on each other as Hitler and Lenin did, as Lenin and Mao did to their own people.  But it seems treachery can wait until the common problem is eliminated.  Leaving no comfort for us, the common problem.

It’s time to acknowledge that utopians are impervious to logic and that acting otherwise just makes things worse.  You can no more reason with a Militant Narcissist than you can an oyster.  Yes, they are still human beings.  They are also sufferers and carriers of a contagious insanity that debilitates both mind and morality.  Even if you are immune, “debating” allows the infection of bystanders. 

We joke about the coming “Zombie Apocalypse”.  Meanwhile utopians control governments, schools, universities, communications, arts and entertainment.  The inmates have not only taken over the asylum and all the loudspeakers, they’ve also seized the children’s classrooms. 

is it any wonder that “Zombie Apocalypse” resonates so strongly?

You must do as I say because I know better and it is for the greater good.

The utopians came together under that banner and advanced upon us.  We fell back, and still do.  You can measure our ongoing retreat by every lost liberty.   

No more retreat!  Stop pretending the foe can be reasonable or that parley is possible.  Let us raise our own standard, reverse our retreat, force them to fall back.  Mad as they are, we can still fly a flag that they will understand.

No.  No.  No.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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16 Responses to Militant Narcissism

  1. Billy says:

    Worth the wait. Good post.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    The WORM strikes again! Woohoo!

    Today’s fairness is not about fairness. It’s not about equality. It’s fighting a perceived disadvantage for some minority groups, while “sticking it to the man/the establishment”. It’s a result of the 68er finally grabbing power.

    Real fairness is what I did as IT chief back in the days. Your skin color, your gender, your sexual orientation: irrelevant. You would only get the job if A) your resume is good (and checks out, and yes I used to random check jobs people claimed to have had), B) you manage to convinced me to hire you and, the most important part with easily 90% influence over my decision, C) you bring the skills for it.

    So you’re black? White? Green with purple dots? So what? If you can’t keep apart a server blade from a mouse, then you won’t get the job. So you’re a woman? You’re a man? You’re something in between? Just because you have boobs or a penis or both doesn’t mean I’m impressed. So you’re gay or straight or like to have sex with donkeys? Who the F cares? None of it matters when assessing a potential worker.

    As I always say: I’m neither intolerant nor racist. I hate everyone equally.

  3. Saul Schimek says:

    “You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.”–Marcus, Babylon 5

  4. Xpat says:

    It’s a very strong piece. If I could add anything, it’s what you already imply with the “unholy trinity” but don’t state directly: the assumption (and motivating force) of assumed righteousness.

    You must do as I say because I know better and it is for the greater good.

    “You must do as I say”–coercion
    “because I know better”–narcissism
    “and it is for the greater good.”–assumption of complete self-justifying and self-affirming “righteousness.”

    Coercion and narcissism could only go so far, but when “righteousness” is thrown in, then utopianism becomes what it invariably does, a de facto religion. And then there is no brake or limit except the natural one of death and/or destruction.

    Presumably this is why “perfectibility” is such an ingrained feature of Utopianism, and why religion with notions of “sin” and personal accountability are antithetical to it.

    • wormme says:

      Well, I picked the Freudian model because the concept does seem to cover it completely. And I believe religion is anathema to utopianism from the very start. Believing in something greater than yourself means there is something greater than yourself.

      • Xpat says:

        That’s good. It brings out for me the connection with “idolatry.” Perhaps your definition of militant narcissism is in a sense the pure, distilled form of idolatry, or the outcome of it.

        Maybe that’s why the most advanced cases of militant narcissism are totalitarian, and at that stage invariably involve the idolatrous adulation of the “great leader.”

        • wormme says:

          I think that’s right. And when it crashes and burns, the next batch of utopians grudgingly acknowledge it didn’t work because “that wasn’t really Marxism,” or whatever. Then they do exactly the same thing, ad nauseum.

  5. urishkish says:

    Bravo! You have succinctly said in a few paragraphs what Rael and Erich Isaac took over 300 pages to say in their book THE COERCIVE UTOPIANS. I read their book in the 1980s and have been aware of the increasing reality of their conclusions.
    I suspect that you are also correct that the true believers are not worth the time and trouble that trying to disabuse them of their beliefs would entail. We should be trying to reach the people that are those who simply go along with the trend. But Lord! there are so many of them that I shudder to think how to reason with that vast a multitude.
    I weep for my children and grandchildren, that they (probably) won’t have a chance to be as free as I was growing up.

    • wormme says:

      Thank you for the compliment!
      There’s certainly nothing I can do to help the afflicted. They are immune to logic and reason, and that’s all I have. I’m immune to charisma and social pressure, and that’s all they have. So I don’t even try to interact with them. Whenever I seem to be addressing utopians, the remarks are actually intended for any healthy minds they seek to infect.

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