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Where are prophets without honor, again?

Their own country, right.  Except that implies that your host and invertebrate Cassandra is honored elsewhere.  Nope. What’s with the bragging?  Well…I’m not a journalist.  It’s just now dawning on this dude that Obama will probably be tapping the oil reserve come election season.  … Continue reading

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Black Tuesday.

Today will be incredibly busy at work, plus I have to work late for another tech and get up early tomorrow to spend all day in… …training.  It may be the weekend before I recover.

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President Justice!

Via Insty…Clarence Thomas for President!  If you asked me if someone could simultaneously be both President and a Supreme Court Justice, I’d have guessed “no”. I’m only planning to vote for the Republican nominee if there’s any question about Obama winning … Continue reading

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Hobos and whiners.

Spent the weekend getting my money’s worth out of the new Roku.  Several MST3K episodes kept me happy.  But then I ruined my Crow/Tom Servo buzz by watching Hobo with a Shotgun.  DO NOT WATCH HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!  I saw … Continue reading

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I’m shocked!

Shocked, I tell you. “The more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are, and Washington is full of successful people looking for something outside their marriage,” And of course D.C. people are the most successful.  Why, they keep … Continue reading

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Pizza Service Announcement! Don’t know if any of you ever go for Papa John’s pizza.  Obviously we’re talking convenience and modest price here, not teh haute cuisine stuff.  (As usual, my foodie friends led me to the best pizza:  Campisi’s of Dallas.) But if you do go … Continue reading

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Sheeple Apocalypse.

Next trick:  try recording the name “Hastur” then play it in an endless loop until something happens. (Hat tip to xkcd, which I’d not checked out in awhile.  It’s still…well…xkcd.)

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Pithy statist policy.

I’m mostly avoiding politics because it keeps enraging me.  But this statement seems a pretty good summary: A Democrat is someone who insists we subsidize education to increase it and subsidize poverty to decrease it. Of course, “Democrat” is waaaaay too limited.  The Republican establishment espouses the … Continue reading

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Happy holiday.

Today is this day.  Use the knowledge well.

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Recliner potato needs to “get cut”.

I got this Roku on Friday.  It is the $100 wedding ring which marries my Amazon Prime account with my 65″ T.V.  (I’m now watching Lost.)  So…any recommendations on combining exercise with watching T.V.?   What’s best, or anyway the least boring? Since giving up on women … Continue reading

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