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Since our dear WORM has problems with ice, I went ahead and looked for the culprit. And I think I found him! You know what they say… when the shoe fits…

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The hydra lives

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ACTA This is even more unconstitutional than SOPA and PIPA. This idea assumes that everyone is guilty until proven innocent, while de jure in every civilized country used to be innocent until proven guilty … Continue reading

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I can’t tell the difference between spam and free verse.

Just waded through a backlog of comments, which were mostly, of course, digital spam. But there was one, which I’m about to approve, which really bugged me.  It is: I have a hose barb that screws onto the pipe my … Continue reading

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The brightest humans are starting to catch up. Sort of.

One of Earth’s finest scholars gives us a decent “30,000-foot view” on America’s less perfect union. America is coming apart. Obviously he’s not caught up to the present-day site.  America isn’t coming apart, it has come apart.  But he’s close to where we … Continue reading

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Man, whoever froze these two turkeys meant business.  I suspect Ice-9 is involved.  I finally broke down and put them in water.  Maybe give them a few hours then pop ’em back in the fridge? This will probably be a … Continue reading

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A short statement on the straw-man argument of piracy and the poor MPAA and RIAA who are soooo pooor and have to fight eeeeevil pirates. ARRRRRRR! Let’s take an example of unparalleled success and popularity. Xpat and I have mentioned … Continue reading

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Wow, there’s some fiery back-and-forth going on in our comments, from readers old and new.  I guess…that’s good?  Since “fiery” segues nicely into this post.  xpat wondered about the back story to my “fried turkey” comment.  C’mon, xpat, it’s just a method of cook…oh, … Continue reading

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Mood music…

…don’t know what my mood is, exactly.  Just that this song sprang to mind all of a sudden.

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Don’t make any sudden movements.

We’re having some success at drawing the rare, elusive GSB out of hiding.  We won’t tempt Fate by highlighting her recent chirps, but they are recorded here for your surprised delight.  Our local GSB is of the (possibly unique) Americanized variety, so these safety … Continue reading

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German ungineering.

A few posts ago I wrote, …Germany is the Ground Zero where rationality and mysticism intersect. Boy, was I off!  I had no idea Teutonic Elektrizität had gotten so…what’s German for SNAFUBAR?  Because there are almost no storage options, the excess energy … Continue reading

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