Poof! Reappearance.

Hey!  It’s been a few days, sorry.  Those turkeys were formidable opponents, true.  But the main reason for the disappearance is that I got captivated by this book, Tigana.  I’m hesitant to call it “great”, but it’s very, very good.  Good enough to look up Mr. Kay and see what else he’s written. 

Oh, about the turkey-fry.  I applied that marinade with my bare hands.  A day later they were still red and tingly.  Did you know I am the inspiration for at least one “motivational” poster?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to Poof! Reappearance.

  1. SeanB says:

    2 words – surgical gloves………….

    Did some lamb with biltong spice this weekend, noted that I should use less than the handful I used, and that it really is salty. But great in it’s original use, makes a tasty treat, and you can use so many varieties of meat, we were debating about how some Impala would taste, or some Blesbok, or even some of the wild geese. Agreed that we were not making carp biltong though, although we had enough fish to do so.

  2. Xpat says:

    I was going to do some lame riff with “Turkey in the Thaw” but gave it up, partly out of apathy and partly because a search for the real lyrics was not as straightforward as I’d hoped.

    What are the real lyrics, anyway? I seemed to see several different versions. The song is actually pretty ancient by American standards, and has a real tangled place in Americana, including–if I got this right–its orignal appearance as minstrel music in the early 19th century.

  3. Xpat says:

    Weird seminary humor. But I thought it was hilarious.

  4. jaed says:

    Tigana is lovely. I’m also particularly fond of A Song for Arbonne. But I don’t think you can go wrong with anything he’s written.

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