The hydra lives

Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you ACTA

This is even more unconstitutional than SOPA and PIPA. This idea assumes that everyone is guilty until proven innocent, while de jure in every civilized country used to be innocent until proven guilty (I say “used to be” on purpose, because for certain professions, like law enforcement, and certain groups of people, this is no longer the case.)

ISPs being forced to check every piece of data? A pain in the butt, which, IMO, will require more staff and will lead to higher ISP fees. And 100% unconstitutional. Also let’s not forget that this completely violates the privacy of correspondence. No search warrant required to snoop into people’s online correspondence? This is carte blanche for civil rights abuse.

Plus it’s only about copyrights. MPAA and RIAA are whining again. Not about really bad crime, like child abuse and pedophilia, for which the net is a very useful tool, as proven countless times in the past. The kids have no lobbyists. The MPAA and RIAA do. So instead of hunting real criminals who destroy lives, we’re going after John Smith who just sent the mp3 of a QUEEN song to his friend in Stockholm via Skype. Gotta love those priorities!

And of course the EUSSR is jumping at this with glee as well. That’s the same EUSSR with a totally undemocratic “parliament” and its un-elected executives (all the “commissars” as the commissioners are called in German, and even th eso called “president”, who is elected by the parliament, which, in turn, is not democratic at all -why so, a country like Germany has more seats than a country like Austria, Germany can always steamroll Austria in any poll in this wannabe parliament, the small countries are at the mercy of the big ones.) The same EUSSR that has been trying to usurp people’s rights ever since it was “founded” (aka forced on the people by our so called leaders.)

But, oh wait, I forgot, the MPAA and RIAA executives are all close to ending up in the poorhouse because of them eeeeeeevil pirates!

Though, have fun trying to figure out whether me downloading a drama via Share or Perfect Dark is copyright infringement. The programs are Japanese, the file names are Japanese and us Japanophiles with actual language skills, we’re a fringe minority.

I really need to get into the guillotine business. There will soon be a demand for those.

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