The brightest humans are starting to catch up. Sort of.

One of Earth’s finest scholars gives us a decent “30,000-foot view” on America’s less perfect union.

America is coming apart.

Obviously he’s not caught up to the present-day site.  America isn’t coming apart, it has come apart.  But he’s close to where we were eighteen months ago, when the  irreconcilable political differences were acknowledged.

This piece is worth a read.  But it’s quite flawed.  I suspect his social conditioning is blinding him to important truths.  I.E…he ain’t no W.O.R.M.  He highlights differences between the “best” and the worst communities, thus missing the point.  Those aren’t why America is broken.  It’s the commonality of the Ruling Class and its infantilized dependents that disunited the U.S.  Professor Murray admits he has no “five-point plan” to solve the problem, closing with,

 If enough Americans look unblinkingly at the nature of the problem, they’ll fix it. One family at a time. For their own sakes. That’s the American way.

Wrong.  Single families can’t solve the problem that we are a house divided.  Half the country, from the toniest neighborhoods to the worst slums, believe the problem is the other half.  They don’t question their own behavior, they blame the rest of us for not doing what they want!

We can’t help the worst communities until we break the “best” ones.  The Ruling Class doesn’t want its dependents to become self-reliant.  It needs them to keep voting the way they do now, forever, thank you very much.

Hopefully the Founding Parents of the next free society will remember this problem.  Here’s a simple fix:  citizens give up their right to vote in a government’s elections if, 1) they are government employees (vested interest), 0r, 2) financially dependent on that government (because kids don’t vote in families’ budgets).

America had an incomparable run, but Newmerica can do much better.  Building negative feedback loops into the government, from the beginning, is one of the best improvements.

Keep that in mind, neo-Washington and neo-Jefferson and neo-et al!

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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  1. SeanB says:

    Very RAH there WORM, a good idea that will most likely work if it ever gets going.

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