How dare the rich shop around?!

So…Mitt Romney banks in the Caymans?  And we’re supposed to be outraged?  A little help here…why?  

A co-worker relayed the news, obviously expecting a negative reaction.  But what I thought was, “but don’t you manage your money carefully?”

This is the politics of envy.  Freedom-loving Americans should never allow it.  Did Romney do something illegal?  No.  Immoral?  Since when is it wrong for the rich to save money?  I was raised to believe that wasting resources is bad, and saving them are good.  So were 99% of you.  

And that co-worker of mine?  He is a master at saving money.  I give him honor for that, not scorn.   

I had another odd reaction.  When he complained about the Caymans my brain yelled, “We’re Americans, dang it!  We should take what they’re doing and improve it until the Caymans are begging to invest in American banks!”

Of course the Ruling Class has brainwashed that idea right out of our heads.  Because the obvious superiority of Cayman banking is “less government meddling!”

Romney will keep screwing up his response to this “controversy”.  He has to; he is a Republican politician and thus a moron.  But he should say,   

“I bank in the Caymans because Momma taught me to shop for bargains, and I honor my Mother.  The question you should ask is, “why are American banks losing customers?”   I’m trying to bring back American business, and you’re blaming me for being a smart shopper.”

Nice, eh?  You’re wondering, “wormme, how can you sling such perfect bullsh** yet still be destined to die alone?”

Using only memory and imagination, Beethoven composed music he couldn’t hear.  I  write Grade-A political bullcrap the same way, though totally unable to feel it.

Um…did I just admit to being a sociopath, there?  It looks like…yep, probably so.  Oh well. 

It’s a fair cop.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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1 Response to How dare the rich shop around?!

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Let me get this straight. Romney did what I did. I went to a bank that offered me what I wanted. That, and their local outlet is literally around the corner. And that makes Romney bad?

    How do you win customers? These days it’s primarily customer service. But the products you offer also matter a great deal.

    How do you lose customers? By not adapting, by not offering what they want and by having lousy customer service.

    I had an incident like that before I flew to Japan. I had a parcel incoming from Germany and the courier company, DPD, messed up. Totally. I spent a week chasing after the parcel, when I finally got it, it was damaged. Luckily the goods inside were alright. Still, as a result, who will no longer use DPD and rather use DHL or UPS instead? Me. DPD lost a customer.

    Using the “logic” of those who attack Romney now, I would have to continue using DPD.

    How’s about no way in hell?

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