Warning: volcanic discharge, embittered by lost love!

Wow.  Apparently I needed to vent.  As this eruption was a response to Rana, I should feature her comment.  You’ll see it’s nothing I don’t usually shrug off.  But two words got under my skin and this is what resulted.  First, Rana:

By the by, MLK Jr. Day was signed into a federal holiday by Reagan in 1983 and then celebrated first in 1986 during non other than the Reagan administration, so if anyone “replaced” President’s Day you can blame the GOP. I mean according to them Reagan did everything right, this must have been the same. LOL!

I thought about writing a bit about the ridiculousness of the post and all the comments about the evil Democrats and how racist we are but then my words here would be futile, if we really want to talk racism we can just take a look at the present day GOP run House and Fox News, the president has been drug from pillar to post with shots being taken because he’s black and they HATE it. Even his wife gets the digs as being the “angry black woman.” Why not a day goes by the the racist remarks aren’t in full affect, but like I said deaf ears here so I won’t bother.

Commence eating…

(Yep.  Upon review, it was those two words that set me off.)

“Deaf ears”.  That’s so rich, Rana.  I think you’ve just given me the most ironic experience of my life.  Irony couldn’t get more concentrated, except possibly under laboratory conditions.

There are certainly deaf ears and blind eyes.  Speaking of which…what exactly do your pupils register when confronted with the following optical pattern?

Robert Byrd



Does that combination somehow Doppler every photon to a wavelength undetectable by the Democratic eye?  If spoken aloud, is the name unheard?  Or is the sound merely garbled, like the voices of adults in Charlie Brown?

I began this post demolishing your ridiculous cry  of “Wolf!” “Racism!”, but you know what?  Screw it.  Been there, done that.  Long story short:  Obama’s approval was 70% on Inauguration Day, then steadily dropped to today’s 40-ish.  Well, everyone already knew he was black, and he hasn’t gotten any blacker.  (Yes, I even considered that possibility, tongue-in-cheek.  But can’t find the post, offhand.)

And why use logic on you, anyway?  Logic is for rebutting arguments.  Read your comment.  Not a single argument, just accusations hurled one after the other.   Evidence?  Proof?  You know how you feel, what more proof do you need?  Feelings evidently are proof, for Democrats.

I can’t do things that way.  I do have emotions, but they are subordinate to reason.  But I can share some emotional history.  And then I dare you, Rana, I double-dog dare you…give me one good reason why I shouldn’t hate the Democratic Party.

The first and only time I fell in love was in my mid-thirties.  Imagine that!  If you can.  I’d had girlfriends and infatuations, but not love.  I fell head-over-heels for a woman and had no experience in how to deal with it.

I didn’t win her.  If I had, this blog wouldn’t exist and my acronym would be a lie.  Because I sure wasn’t rational about her.  And I lied to myself, especially when trying to preserve those last, lingering hopes.  Then they were gone, and I wove myself into a cocoon of misery.

Years later, the W.O.R.M. emerged.

I’ve stopped trying to pass for human.  But “V” could have actually made me one.  Or at least whipped me into a semblance.  If I’d had my way, Rana, I wouldn’t be blogging today.  I’d be too busy raising kids with skin the color of Obama’s.

Because “V” is as dark as she is lovely.

But in the spring of 2001, proto-wormme’s thoughts turned lightly to love.  It seemed like her fondness for me was deepening.  That’s when…


…used the word “niggers” in a public speech.


And so I hated the Democratic Party?  Of course not!  I was in love!  Why waste time hating that bunch of bozos?  Why agonize over a miserable rat bastard like Byrd?  No, I was amused:

“Ha ha!  The albino toad son-of-a-bitch has finally stepped in it!  Used the n-word in the 21st Century, and with all his Klansman baggage.  Ha ha ha!  I can’t wait to see what he gets.”

You know what he “got”, Rana?  Re-elected. 

Of course I was bemused.  The hypocrisy was blatant even by Democrat standards.  But it wasn’t personal.  Just as I didn’t care that black racists like Spike Lee spoke out against interracial relationships.  I thought, “gee, Spike, have you told Halle Barry you wish she’d never been born?”  But I didn’t care that he got away with saying things that would get me thrown out of society.  I had something better to care about.

Had.  Past tense.  Now, I don’t.  So what remains to me is the knowledge that Robert Byrd, to his dying day, would have lynched “V” and me if he could.  And Democrats made him the longest-serving Congressman in history.  Just as they praise Spike Lee for “activism”.  Lee, who tried to poison “V”’s mind against interracial marriage the whole time I wooed her…and for all I know succeeded. 

So tell me, Rana…

How the F should I feel?

If you want to know how I do feel, every single freaking time a Democrat whines about race, that’s easy:  the next time your skin is cut, pour out a handful of salt and GRIND IT INTO THE WOUND AS HARD AS YOU CAN.

That’s what it’s like to hear you whine about race, Rana.  Like salt in my wounds.  Where were you when Robert Byrd was spouting “nigger”?  When Spike Lee spoke against interracial relationships, against my relationship?  Where the hell were you?? 

Lie to yourself all you want, Rana.  But after losing the woman I love I became the W.O.R.M.; you cannot fool me.  These days, I never forget a truth you puny humans constantly ignore:

Actions speak louder than words.

You mammals all know it’s true and yet you all pretend it isn’t.  How does it apply here?  When the Republican Party learned one of its guys was a former Klansman, it immediately renounced him.  Whereas the Democratic Party made its racist bastard the elder statesman of American politics.

It’s as simple as that.  The Democratic Party issues words and takes actions.  You judge it by the first, I by the second.

And you presume to lecture me?

Nothing is cheaper than Democrat words.  Nothing is more hypocritical than Democrat action.  It’s why the Democratic Party is the party of racism.  Not because most of you are racist, Rana.  Because you let your racists get away with it.  Oh, the simultaneous wailing about (imaginary) racism in your political opponents?  It doesn’t help either.

Your party, Rana, is one of the most evil things in history.  Because it takes otherwise perfectly wonderful people like you…and turns them into moral imbeciles.  Moral imbeciles at best (since many Democrats know what they practice isn’t what they preach).  But most of you are just lulled and dulled.  Your ears grow deaf and your eyes go blind to Democratic wrongdoing..  You know.  Until I can shout an outraged


And you don’t even notice.

(UPDATE:  And another “wow”.  I just re-read this.  A lot of haughtiness and petulance in this post.  Is this what happens when the lovelorn get poked right where it hurts?  Who knew?  Still, I could get over “V” eventually.  But since I’m reminded of her every time that Democrats cry “racism!”…that doesn’t seem likely to happen.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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9 Responses to Warning: volcanic discharge, embittered by lost love!

  1. Edohiguma says:

    A sudden W.O.R.M. appears!

    He’s super effective!

    Yeah, I went there, whatcha gonna do about it?

  2. SDH says:

    Obama is the type of guy stupid people think is smart.

    I have a soft spot for people like Rana (her comment made me smile), I’m sorry she got you steamed.

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