Rushing from one extreme to another is the same as moderation…right?

It makes perfect sense to me and my Irish genes.

A fascinating article by Theodore Dalrymple, right here.  At least, if you’ve got Irish ancestors fighting it out inside your own corpus.  Every descendent of the Green Isle seems to have “the Troubles” internalized.  If a man could really get in a fistfight with himself, a la Fight Club, it would be an Irishman.

So I have no problem believing the Irish went from drunken-sailor spendthrifts to penny-pinching misers faster than any nation, ever.

Of course, that won’t be enough to save it if the Euro Coalition continues.

So naturally Mr. Dalrymple’s analysis moved on to Germany.  Now, Germany fascinated me even before the German Science Babe became a friend.  Unfortunately, she’s no good as a sounding board anymore.  Not since she became a gun and football nut.   (We contaminated our sample.)

Anyway, Germans are a people that exemplify both good and bad traits.  They are perfect neighbors when sane.  But there are none scarier when the nation goes nuts.

And make no mistake:  societies go insane far more often than individuals do.  As a percentage, that is.  But people outnumber societies by a million to one, so this fact isn’t generally recognized.  You read about crazy people every day, but Mugabe Madness strikes only once in a blue moon.

100% of all long-lived societies go bonkers.  Germany stands out because it goes formidably crazy.  Ireland?  It’ll never scare anybody; feed those Blarney-kissers a few pints and soon they’ll be shillelaghing (coined word, did you catch that?!) each other far more enthusiastically than strangers.  Problem solved.

But Germany?  Different story.   My theory is that Germany is the Ground Zero where rationality and mysticism intersect.  Millions of people all catch the same passion at the same time then simultaneously execute it with exacting precision.

Meaning…Germans are the flash crowd of humanity.

(Er…where was I going with this?  Tonight’s pre-bedtime wine is especially potent.  And I’m trying to mellow out from my earlier pissiness.)

Oh, right.  Europe’s eminent demise.  Mr. Dalrymple has a Euro-denominated bank account:

Like everyone else, I would prefer deutschmarks, a preference that will drive up the price of the currency to the point that German exports, no matter how high their quality, will be too expensive to buy.

Which means,

Whatever she (Angela Merkel–ed.) decides, love of Germany in Europe will not grow.

Yep.  Watch it happen.  Germany isn’t blameless–you coddled the layabouts, GSB!–but it doesn’t deserve the coming shrieks of disapproval.  Still, I say we takes advantage of the outrage by pulling America’s military presence out of Europe entirely.  We’ll save billions and Germany can take the blame.  “The continent has simply become too unstable!”

Heh heh.  We’re all doomed anyway.  Why not agree on a scapegoat from the beginning, rather than picking one at the end?

UPDATE–Right after posting this, I remembered all our…Nipponophiles?  Japan fans, of which I am one.  Ignorant, true.  But a fan nonetheless.

Ireland and Germany are major societal arch-types, but not more than the Land of the Rising Sun.  The Irish?  Them, I totally get.  I am exactly that sort of semi-anarchic madman.  The Germans?  They’re in my wheelhouse.  The GSB strives to provide me with explanations and (I think) is satisfied that I get the idea.

But Japan?  Japan??  When xpat and edohiguma start slinging the lingo in the comments, I don’t know how to break in.  I don’t know what to ask, I don’t know how to ask what I should be asking.

I hope this doesn’t sound frustrated.  It’s not.  It’s good having them available.   As a geek, I hate admitting ignorance.  But, also as a geek, I love absorbing new worlds.

So it’s nice to have one within reach.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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7 Responses to Rushing from one extreme to another is the same as moderation…right?

  1. Xpat says:

    As protocol, Edo and I could start providing parenthetical notes.

    AKB48 (giant girl group, with regional affiliate copy groups, that dances and sings very loud, fantastically inane “music” and is possibly corrupting another generation of girls, as well as convincing a substantial subset of them that, yes, they too can become stars; just look at the odds)
    Kaseifu no Mita (last season’s drama about a super-human but emotionally wounded maid who goes to work for a dysfunctional family and heals things, almost certainly patterned, directly or indirectly, on Life with Jeeves)

    Would that help?

    By the way, Edohiguma translates into Amercian roughly like this: New Amsterdam Alaska Grizzly

    Yeah, it works for me, too!

    • Edohiguma says:


    • Edohiguma says:

      Also if anyone wants to check out their “skills”, this is their official youtube channel:

      They’re now pushing solo careers. Needless to say tha the solo performances by the two most popular members were just abysmal. Maeda Atsuko (popular girl #1) is cute and probably a nice girl, sure, but she can’t sing solo even if her life was depending on it. She also tried acting (still does, is in a drama right now, and is horrible, even as support), which is just as bad. She sucks at it. Same for Itano Tomomi. Just… awful.

      There’s a not so popular girl going solo as well, singing enka. She can actually sing. Isawa I think, or something like that.

      On the good side graduation time is soon coming upfor the first few and most will disappear in obscurity. I fear “Acchan”, as Maeda Atsuko is refered to, will stick around like FukaKyon (Fukada Kyoko who always was effectively just a talentless pretty girl, she’s still hot, and still just as talentless.) Pretty much like gum stuck to your shoe.

  2. Xpat says:

    Totally OT, but this is so good:

    • Xpat says:

      At 0:50

      pro-pixel intensifying fauxtanical hydro-jargon microbead extract infused with nutritive volumizing technology . . .

      I’m sorry, but that is so funny!

    • wormme says:

      Ah-dough-bay, ha ha!

      There’s no such thing as “off-topic” here, BTW. Everything is stream-of-consciousness.

      Oh, and yeah…that is world-class jargon.

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