2012’s third post, rant.

Unlike vacuum pumps, unicorns may actually exist.

The W.O.R.M. inspires dread for two reasons:  first, he occasionally refers himself in the third person.  Horrible, yes…but far worse are outbursts of pure pedantry.

This is such an occasion.  Our boss treated us to pizza and sent me out to pick it up.  Probably because of my (begging your pardon) “venting” about vacuum pumps again.

As a rad tech at a particle accelerator facility, I survey maybe a dozen vacuum pumps a week.  Except, of course, I don’t.  Because there are no vacuum pumps.  There can BE no vacuum pumps.  Vacuum pumps are inherently, intrinsically, inescapably impossible.   

You can’t pump vacuumVacuum is what’s left over after you pump. 

Amateur pedants exclaim over phrases like “hot water heater”.  Bah.  There’s nothing inherently untrue about heating water that’s already hot.  But “vacuum pump” is simply a lie.  Those things pump gases, vapors, molecules, whatever.  Anything but vacuum.

Okay, that eased a little pressure, maybe I can get on with life now.  Plus seeing the word “vacuum” over and over eventually gets to you.  It’s just so odd.  That spelling!  Soon you begin to doubt that it’s really a word at all.

Vacuum.  Vacuum. 


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3 Responses to 2012’s third post, rant.

  1. Xpat says:

    It’s an outrage, to be sure.

    Does it work if you think of it as “pump that works as a vacuum” rather than “pump that pumps vacuums”?

    Also, I don’t know if this helps, but “vacuum” is the word I think of when I hear the sound effect Japanese make when shooting a toy gun (or index finger barrel): “ba KYUUN, ba KYUUN, ba KYUUN.”

    OK, maybe that doesn’t help.

  2. SeanB says:

    So call it a pressure reducing pump. Put a micropore filter on the input and a oil coalescing filter on the output and it works. Change the oil regularly ( and in your case the inlet filter and the oil is the thing to check for above background levels

  3. thanks for the chuckle.

    vacuum is better than rural, as far as awkward words go.

    hmm. awkward’s pretty awkward too.

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