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A good “Best of 2011” list.

50 quotes by mostly freedom-loving folks. I couldn’t pass up the incredibly rare opportunity to improve on Thomas Sowell’s writing.  Okay, okay, it’s not really an improvement, more a condensation.  42) Weighing benefits against costs is the way most people … Continue reading

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Occupy North Pole?

Sounds like it. I am helpless to resist any news report that begins with Thousands of drunken Santas terrorized Lower Manhattan… It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Occam’s knife fight! More bitchy-moany “you can be good without God” caterwauling.  I realize non-believers read this blog, and I’m not bad-mouthing you.  Just the militant whiners. Atheists claim their philosophy is based on reason.  This might even be true … Continue reading

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The Ur-science babe.

Researching this potential holiday means I’m incidentally learning stuff, which is most unpleasant.  (Being a geek, I hate any reminder that I’m not already omniscient.) Anyway, numerous sites start the history of gynoscience with Hypatia.  She was the head of the Platonic school in … Continue reading

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Remember: the world ends in exactly one year.

Let’s party! (Okay, okay, a leap year is coming, so we’re about 18 hours off of an “exact year”.  But a year from now you’ll be free from this obsessive/compulsive nit-picking!  You’re welcome!)

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Er…just because you’re going to lose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play.

Okay, I haven’t formally decided on the winner yet.  All three current International “International Make Up an International Day” Day entries are excellent.  Thanks, xpat.  Twice! But see here. First, the legendary German Science Babe has finally stopped the Garbo Treatment, proving she’s … Continue reading

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I agree with both Ace and insane Kung Fu masters.

He’s right.  Assuming no one else enters the GOP race, Rick Perry would make the best President.  Apart from the points Ace makes, (Perry’s actual and successful governing experience being #1) Perry’s on record as wanting to eliminate entire federal … Continue reading

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