It’s International “International Make up an International Day” Day!

 Today is is the second annual IMuaIDD.  (This wasn’t mentioned last year, but Dec. 29th is also the W.O.R.M.’s birthday). 

After only one full year of existence, our made-up holiday is only six behind “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” in popularity!  Okay…maybe seven.  Seven measly orders of magnitude. 

We had four entries this year, which surpassed last year’s total by…holy crap!  I’d forgotten there were so many!  At this rate next year’s submissions will total aproximately…negative forty-seven.  Sigh.  Both Mazzuchelli and Linda out-produced this entire year’s field.  And they had gems like:

International Road Rage Day
International Go to the Gym Wearing Embarrassingly Revealing Shorts Day
International Bare One’s Breasts to the Mailman Day
International Ride the John Deere Topless Day
International White Stretch Pants Day

Mazzuchelli obviously had some “breast-laid” plans, where Linda mostly had venting steam on the mind:
International Talk Like Harry Carey Day
International Argue With Everyone You See Day
International ‘I’d Prefer Not To’ Day, aka International Passive Aggressive Day
International Go Ahead And Have The Tantrum Day, and, of course,  

International Meow Day…

And she hadn’t even seen “Super Troopers” at the time.

That was 2010, the year when this one-year old holiday hit its peak.  Now, on to 2011!

Thanks to Linda for “International Kiss-A-Blogger-Day”.  If you thought I love the idea, you were right.  Unfortunately, since I am also a blogger, International “K-A-B.” Day would become known as “I Threw Up in My Mouth a Little” Eve.

So thanks but no thanks, Linda.  But I’m glad it works for you and your military Mister.

xpat wants to play head games with a matched pair, International “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Day followed by  International “That’s it?” Day.  I suspect this would eventually make every day “There’s No Such Thing As Paranoia” Day.

Speaking of people being out to get you, SDH resubmits “International Eliminate Your Nemesis Day” or “International Name Your Nemesis Day”.  I’ll be honest:  he’ll win eventually simply by keeping this up.  Anyone coming up with that idea is someone who’ll finally snap and take the holiday into his own hands. 

But personal fear aside, the holiday winner is of course the German Science Babe’s proposal.  So by the authority vested in me by my own Internet domain name, I hereby proclaim  February 7th to be International “Science Babe” Day.  Wonderful theme aside, let me point out to every other contestant ever that the GSB actually included a date with her proposal.  She even provided the reason for that specific date!

(In fact, I herely give myself an honorable mention for offering February 29th, International “Read the Instructions!” Day.  Because obviously it would be a leap for you people.)

I’m tempted to include a picture of the GSB herself to show why this holiday had to be our winner.  Of course I can’t.  Image recognition programs are so good that she could get IDed from even an unlabeled photo.  Since she’s the GSB, she would soon have an obsessive stalker.  The problem is that, since she occasionally drops by my house, her stalker would eventually identify me.  I can’t take that risk.

We’ve got until February 7th to put together gallerys and vids worthy of a tribute to women in science.  Meanwhile, look at what Dogpile found first when I asked for “science babe”.  That’s…a direct hit, all right.  Here’s Debbie’s YouTube page.

And here she is in all her geek-bait glory, Dr. Berebichez:

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14 Responses to It’s International “International Make up an International Day” Day!

  1. Happy Birthday Wormy! And Happy New Year. And give me a break, you can’t be throw-up-a-little bad, or GSB wouldn’t hang out with you at all.

    • wormme says:

      She just comes over because the niece’s cat worships her.

      • Xpat says:

        Uh, yeah. Sure. That must be it. Uh-huh. The cat. She’s coming over to your place because she’s interested in the cat. That’s it. Definitely the cat. Yeah. I mean, why else would she be coming over to your place? Do you see bunny rabbits hanging around? Any little ducklings waddling up and down the joint. Not a one. So it’s gotta be the cat. Absolutely. Because gals–well, heck we all know gals. They’re really into cats. And if they go out their way to go to a guy’s place it’s got to be because there’s a cat in there. See? We got these dames all figured out!

      • Xpat says:


  2. Xpat says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on SB Day!

  3. SDH says:

    Happy Birthday W.O.R.M., even though I lost.

  4. Xpat says:

    It strikes me, from the standpoint or inclusiveness, that 80% of these

    International Road Rage Day
    International Go to the Gym Wearing Embarrassingly Revealing Shorts Day
    International Bare One’s Breasts to the Mailman Day
    International Ride the John Deere Topless Day
    International White Stretch Pants Day

    would be either wildly irrelevant or skin-crawlingly inappropriate for male gendered type people.

    Was there an “International Men Decry Reverse Gender Discrimination Day”?

  5. Xpat says:

    It’s officially 2012 over here as of 25 minutes ago.

    Happy New Year to Worme and the Worme Community!

    Hope 江戸羆 (Edohiguma) enjoyed 紅白 tonight (red-white battle, the traditional NHK New Year’s TV music spectacular, kind of a massive battle of the bands).

  6. crosspatch says:

    FYI, units at Fukushima are officially in “cold shutdown” and the decommissioning procedure has been announced:

  7. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and I thought this might be of more personal interest to you considering your personal exposure is potentially greater than the average person’s:

  8. Xpat says:

    Thanks, Crosspatch (unless that was meant for the rad tech people). I’ll study that. Happy New Year!

  9. crosspatch says:

    Well, it was meant for the rad techs but it would be of general use to anyone. Bottom line is that low level exposure many not cause cumulative DNA damage at all.

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