I agree with both Ace and insane Kung Fu masters.

He’s right.  Assuming no one else enters the GOP race, Rick Perry would make the best President.  Apart from the points Ace makes, (Perry’s actual and successful governing experience being #1) Perry’s on record as wanting to eliminate entire federal departments

Will that succeed?  Almost certainly not.  Will Perry cut spending?  Probably not.  But can he decrease the rate of increase enough forAmericato survive?

I’ve already pronounced U.S.D.O.A., so…no.  Don’t see it.  The unpaid debts, unfunded entitlements, and bursting financial bubbles are coming due.  Preserving America now would require slashing federal spending by >50% and confiscating the wealth of the Ruling Class (and its remoras) to pay down the debt.

(I realize that in theory we could just accept hyper-inflation and pay the bills in Monopoly money.  But that would also wrongfully destroy the wealth of productive, freedom-loving Americans.  The only way to preserve America is to impoverish the totalitarians.  The rich and poor tyrants alike.  Such dividers and conquerors cannot co-exist with “a more perfect union”. 

But of course our would-be slavers are united, while assembling free Americans is like herding cats.  We’d all have to come together and fight our evil foe from all directions, simultaneously. 

Which would produce something like this:

Yep.  We’d need an American Piece Corps.

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1 Response to I agree with both Ace and insane Kung Fu masters.

  1. Xpat says:

    Best Kung-fu clip ever!

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