Er…just because you’re going to lose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play.

Okay, I haven’t formally decided on the winner yet.  All three current International “International Make Up an International Day” Day entries are excellent.  Thanks, xpat.  Twice!

But see here.

First, the legendary German Science Babe has finally stopped the Garbo Treatment, proving she’s not a Harvey to my Jimmy Stewart.  Admit it.  You thought she was an imaginary friend, didn’t you?! 

Second, “International Science Babe” Day is a holiday that might actually catch on.    Talk like a Pirate, then look at Sultry Scientists.  Beautiful Biologists, Phat Physicists, Tantalizing Technicians…interest might theoretically be piqued. 

Third, someone finally gave a proposed date for the proposed holiday, and why.  Can’t gainsay her choice of February 7th, since Marie Curie is the standard of reference. 


True, Mrs. Curie wasn’t the babest most babely?…woman scientist.  (Though she’s a cute little thing in several of those wikipics.)  But for distaff humanity she was the Jackie Robinson of research.

The sole judge of this contest is a male, unattached geek, which perhaps gives International “Science Babe” Day a structural advantage.  But submissions are still welcome!  If not a new holiday, how about your favorite science babe?  

Here, I’ll kick things off with another lovely barrier-breaker, and definitely one of my Top Ten all-time Science Babes.  Give it up for the ‘Bama beauty!

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5 Responses to Er…just because you’re going to lose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play.

  1. Xpat says:

    Mae Carol Jemison is a good nominee.

    There’s also Ada Lovelace:

    • Xpat says:

      But there’s already an Ada Lovelace Day:

      So, never mind!

      Actually, Ada Lovelace Day seems to be an equivalent to ISBD, the apparent difference being the lack of emphasis on physical attributes (or “babeness” in technical lingo).

      Science Babes has further potential, though. Like, a calendar! With an SB for every month!

      • wormme says:

        I thought I remembered her from Gibson/Sterling’s The Difference Engine. Apart from that, nothing. This proposed holiday might prove to be accidentally educational!

        Which of course is the best kind of educational.

  2. Well, okay, I can’t beat International Science Babe Day, but maybe, just maybe . . . a tie?

    International Kiss-A-Blogger-Day.

    Merry Christmas Wormy, XPat, Mtn Bear, GSB, SDH, and all the rest. Happy New Year, or barring that, Interesting New Year at the very least.


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