Barry Bonds gets sentenced today.  I hope he gets the maximum possible sentence.  After all, his abuse of steroids led to the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American border guard…oh, wait.  Wrong guy.

But of course it’s worse for Barry, because he did betray his oath to faithfully uphold the U.S. Constitu…er, right.  Our Attorney General again.

Currently, 75 Congresscritters have “no confidence” in Holder.  Yawn.  Wake me when 535 are calling for his arrest and subsequent folding, spindling, and mutilating.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Priorities.

  1. Xpat says:

    There’s a super but scary NHK special on now (Sun. night) documenting and dramatizing Fukushima on 3.11.

    Hope Worme could work out his family gathering issues. Not my place to comment, but in my experience there’s more regret in not having done than in doing.

  2. Xpat says:

    A very informative though not hugely exciting post on Trade Negotiations by Walter Russell Mead had this great sentence:

    “Bureaucrats don’t like to bury their dead; the world of diplomacy is full of zombie negotiations and institutions — dead but still mindlessly on the move.”

    So many other situations that metaphor could apply to.

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